6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



Kazz got an A in his College keyboarding class and is in the middle of his English class. He's bored out of his mind! He hates this class. We mailed out the admissions slip to sign up for his physical education class for the summer term. We have to go through extra paperwork until he's 16 but that's a small price to pay for a degree by the time he turns eighteen.

Hopefully he likes phys. ed better than his last two classes. He wants a challenge so he picked bowling! LOL We don't know much about bowling so maybe he'll be challenged this time. If not I'm signing him up for a computer class for fall! Maybe that will challenge him. Brian still has to take an algebra for his degree so maybe they'll take that one together. Only problem is that Kazz and Brian will probably be all competative and end up in a test to the death. :-) Who knows. I'm tired of hearing how bored he is! Such a strange child.

Kazz was born old. He is the child who wants to know all the rules. He can learn anything and spit it back at you in better form that it was presented to him. He is a sponge that soaks it up, understands it and gets bored with it in one foul swoop. Even during the one semester that he went to an upscale private school he was bored. His Algebra teacher informed Brian and I that school was no place for a Kazz. He said that school would break him because Kazz has been brought up to think not be told what to think. The overbearing child world is no place for his personality. As I said before, Kazz was born old. He reasons, thinks, asks, questions, and then when he realizes that adults have no idea what they are talking about he decides for himself and runs with it. So when Kazz had a 104% in Algebra I'm guessing the teacher saw what we see on a daily basis. LOL It's hard to raise an adult. The questions are over my head. For crying out loud at 7 years old I had to answer, "Why did God make man if he knew we would sin and go to hell?" SEVEN YEARS OLD ! I was enjoying a nice ride in the car with my little boy and was thrown into Religion 2200 by my 1st grader.

At any rate we took him out of "children's school" and decided to use the tuition for something that mattered. We enrolled him into college thinking that maybe he would enjoy that challenge. All I get is, "This is the most boring class I've ever been involved with mom." Well, maybe a computer class will challenge him....Who knows!?

His mind is swimming with wanting to work and buy real estate. He has a vision that is unshakable and he refuses to let a little thing like age get in his way.

Lord, help me. I don't know what to do but say, "Make a plan and go for it." The challenge? MONEY! Welcome to adulthood Kazz. :-)

I'm proud of him. At 18 I was terrified to go to college. I wouldn't even entertain the thought. All I wanted at that age was to explore the world and I did just that. Well the USA at least. At 14 all I wanted was for Jerry Bailey to kiss me or maybe just look in my direction. I finally got that kiss when I was 18. After a very boring date and a long kiss goodnight, all I remember thinking was, "hmmm...not one little spark. Maybe his twin would have be more interesting." But I digress.... At any rate, I never had a plan and look where it got me. HAPPY! I pray for the same for Kazz. Though he will take a totally different road in his life I am hopeful that his road leads to excitement and joy just as mine.

I just can't believe my life!

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Peanut Butter Kisses said...

...and this is one very good reason to homeschool! Adventure and the world abroad awaits our children. Can you imagine if you weren't homeschooling him??? Although, as I'm raising a bunch of free thinkers myself, at times I wonder selfishly...if this is a good thing or not. (snicker) Why don't they just listen to what I'm telling them. Why must they question everything? I'm their Mother for crying out loud??!!