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30 Things That Just Don't Bother Me...

I've been Tagged!

Here's my list of 30 things that just don't bother me. This took some thinking and I'm sure I'll come up with more as I have more time to think but here are my 30 for today. :-)

1. Little Boys Peeing in their own backyard/on a tree in the park: If the birds and squirrels can do it and it helps with potty training then have at it boys.

2. Harry Potter: (See my Christian Perspective Here) When someone can show me anyone on the face of the earth who can take a stick, wave it and actually turn a man into a toad, float an object or anything at all…then It’ll bother me.

3. Teenagers Who Trick or Treat: If they are still wanting candy that bad, they aren’t too old to do it.

4. Parents Changing Their Baby’s Diaper in Public: As long as nobody is eating…

5. Face Lifts/Plastic Surgery: If I had no boobs, I’d get ‘em.

6. Loud Music: If it wouldn’t bother my neighbors I’d have it blasting all the time. Even the teens that drive by with the base going perks my ear…unless it’s 1:00 am then…well that’s annoying.

7. Unlimited Video Game/Television For Kids: I turned out mighty fine.

8. Tattoos: They are usually the mark of a strong personality. Intriguing actually

9. Messy Houses: Who wants to fold the laundry in the living room when you can play outside with your kids?

10. People Stopping Their Cars in the Middle of the Road to Talk: As long as it’s not a highway and they’ve left space so I can get around them, I’m happy to see people chatting rather than fighting.

11. Unschooling: If you have the guts to do it…God Bless You!

12. Teen Boys With Baggy Pants: I have to laugh because when they are our age and see their pictures from their youth they will be sooo embarrassed!

13. Toy Guns/Swords: Cowboys and Indians is as old as the day is long. Let the kids have some fun for goodness sake!

14. Breast Feeding In Public: Natural, natural, natural!

15. Kids Riding Bikes w/out Helmets

16. Bare Feet: adults in a store/children outside: I don’t know why. I just don’t care.

17. Walking In The Rain/Kids Playing While It’s Raining: again…natural, natural, natural…stay away from lightning though. LOL

18. Hugging: Friends, Acquaintances, Whatever…(kissing is out!) lol

19. Random Cursing: I don’t do it but I find it amusing when someone does. I don’t know why.

20. Early Marriage: In regard to age and/or quickly after meeting one another

21. People who don’t share my religious beliefs and never will

22. Buying Foreign Made Products

23. Teenagers who dye their hair different colors/wear shocking clothes

24. Barney/Teletubbies

25. Simon Cowell: I like a man who is sure of himself, doesn’t give a flip what anyone else thinks and still has a body like THAT at his age. Quite the stud actually

26. Eloping: Save the money babe!

27. Stay At Home Dads: If his wife wants to bring home the bacon and he wants to hang out with the kiddos all day have at it. If she wants to come back home and he’s willing to work then all the better.

28. Bluegrass Music: Actually if there is no singing and a lot of banjo all the better.

29. Sugar

30. Men who wear pink

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