6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.


FE....FE FI....FE FI FO!!!

The sounds of camp are still ringing in my ears.
"I said a boom chicka boom!" "FE FI FE FI FO!!"
There were lots of teenage counselors singing, chanting and yelling as the day progressed. I have to say that they weren't AS jubilant as they were in June. Brian and I could tell that the first week excitement had now become the last week exhaustion. LOL
This was the first time at camp for Kazz. He just took in all the sights and sounds quietly.

The drop-off time for Vinze was first.
We made our way, with the line of other parents, through the check-in building.
It was pretty fast and smooth.
Again Vinnie was given a Ticket To Camp and hopped on top of the Fire Truck to be taken to his sleeping quarters while Brian, Kazz and I waited for the tram to take us there also.
This time the tram was an actual tram, not a tractor pulling a covered wagon thank God! :-)

Vinze was in the Tree Houses this time. They were cabins built on high stilts.

AND just like last time he was ready for us to leave
so he could enjoy his camp experience in peace! LOL

So we walked to our van and waved good-bye to our Vinnie.
We drove out of camp onto the road and over to the Teen camp.
We, again, made our way through the maze of parents to check Kazz into camp.
I took a picture of him next to the water fountains. He was thrilled. LOL
Kazz did not have to board a Fire Engine. He rode the tram with us to his cabin. We arrived at the drop-off and met Sanjay, his camp counselor. Sanjay has just turned 19, is a foot shorter than Kazz and talked to us at length about what Kazz will experience this week and his first year at
Michigan State University that ended in May. LOL
We noticed that the kids arriving at Kazz's cabin looked very young and a couple of them had mental disabilities. Kazz looked VERY nervous and was quiet, quiet, quiet.
Sanjay asked how old Kazz was, as our Kazz looks older than he is you see.
We chatted for a while and found that Sanjay lives on the same mile road we do.
What a small world!
I think Kazz will be hanging out with Sanjay quite a lot.
Kazz picked the bunk next to the window with the best breeze flowing through it.

Yep he was nervous. I'm still wondering how he's doing.
I hope he has an excellent week full of fun.
I hope so.

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