6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



I have always had excellent Cholesterol. I never worried about getting blood drawn or tests run at any medical setting because I knew the tests would show excellent health. I'm just lucky with great genes that way. And I mean t-totally perfect blood

I had my yearly physical yesterday at my primary care provider. I didn't think much about it because it's always normal with nothing fascinating to proclaim. I waltzed in there smiling like I always do. Everyone was all nice and chipper as usual. The common small talk was had by all.

After proclaiming that I am indeed healthy, the doctor was about to leave when, as an apparent after-thought he said...

"Shelly, have you had a cholesterol test done in our office yet?"

To which I said,

"No I haven't. You can do it right here?"

"Yes we can, and we'll just get that done here in a jiffy"

So I was stoked to get it done and not have to go running to another office. I got the finger poke, chit chatted with the nurse, never giving the actual test another thought.
One minute went by as I played with my new hair style in the aptly placed mirror. Lo-and-behold my doctor walked in and looked at me like I had done a very bad thing.
"Your LDL cholesterol is 190."
I just stared at him.
giving me that "bad patient" look...sitting down beside me to show me the paper...pointing to the number because I'm so skeptical....looking at me right in the eye one foot away from me....
Doc: "You should be on medication."
Me: "How can I have it that out of whack in one year?!"
Doc: "Shelly, you broke your leg. You haven't been moving around."
**big breath in...holding breath...big sigh from Shelly**
Me: "So?"
Doc: "Exercise helps your body keep Cholesterol levels down. You have to walk. You have to walk a lot. If you come back in 4 months and your LDL levels aren't at or below 130 you need medication."
Me: "Well that's crappy."
Doc: "Walk...A Lot....A Lot..." following me out of the room..."A lot."
Me: "Alright!" chuckling slightly "I want to do good. I'll do it."
Doc: "I know you will." (smiling)
I have 4 months to get off my butt, move around and get this under control.
Wish me luck! :-)
LDL Cholesterol Levels

Less than 100 mg/dL

100 to 129 mg/dL
Near Optimal/ Above Optimal

130 to 159 mg/dL
Borderline High

160 to 189 mg/dL

190 mg/dL and above
Very High


Peanut Butter Kisses said...

ewwww....that's no fun! And to have it so high, wow!

Heather said...

Hey, you could bring Vinze home from school and go back to chasing him up and down the stairs! :)

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

fyi- don't let them talk you into just a 'low fat' diet which can actually raise 3s are very important. if you want more info let me know. It can be doable to get it down quite a bit. i know the no low fat thing is contraversial so do your research but if you do low fat and it doesn't go down- then consider omega 3.s also...did they JUST do a finger prick? is this new I guess? wondering what an outside lab would say. Can you guess I don't trust the medical professions....

The Story Of Us........ said...

Yes it was a finger prick. I've never heard the like. He didn't give me a diet. He knows me, so he told me to search for reputable sites about how to eat to lower cholesterol. LOL He knows I'm going to make my own mind up anyway so why bother telling me what I already know and will search out anyway.

I have to say I'm thankful that he doesn't talk down to me. He gave me 4 months so that's my limit. Do it or take meds. Blahh...

I'll do it! :-)