6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



I'm taking a nutrition class in college. This class should end my Odyssey of 15 years to get a 2 year associate degree. Yes, that's right...15 years. I began taking classes, willy-nilly, when Kazz was 6 months old. I enjoy the mental stimulation. At any rate, If I calculated everything correctly, and the classes I took years ago "count" toward a degree, then I may actually have to declare a major next year! LOL Go Figure. Counseling Psychology here I come! Too bad we moved so many times, with my credits from all the colleges I've attended I would have a 4 year degree by now....But I digress.

UPDATE: Got that degree! :-)
I have to make a menu for an entire week that is nutritionally sound. I have to post it to my online class and then follow it next week. We're allowed to get help from the Internet... (can you say easy-A?)

UPDATE: I have a family of seven, 5 of whom are growing boys and also one hungry husband, so here is what I actually bought, compared to the link below that allows for a family of four to six who eat normal portions. :-) Still a wonderful find, I must say!
I found, in my search on the subject, a menu that will feed a family of 4 to 6, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner AND A SNACK for AN ENTIRE WEEK FOR ONLY $45.

OH YES...I DO ACTUALLY MEAN that a person can take 2 twenties and a five into a store, buy some groceries and feed the whole family for an entire week AND It is nutritionally sound! AND it looks like it would taste good and be appealing to kids.

One draw back though...I scrolled down to the bottom of the web-site and found that I'll actually have to cook. I know...with flour and yeast and stuff. I'll be mixing milk...maybe I'll buy the milk. That one I'll wait to decide at the store. If I can buy powdered milk then it's a go! It's no use trying something fun if I don't actually TRY it right?!

UPDATE: Buy the powdered milk. It's fun to experiment with, makes great chocolate milk and also needs to be used in some of the recipes.

December is our month off of home school so what better time to give this a whirl? I begin Sunday night...baking that is...Bread....with flour and yeast and pans and stuff. WOW! Hee hee....I'm going to be a real menu planning, cooking with gas..electric...but you know...a "real" OLD TIME mom next week.

Think I'll have time to blog?

Recipes to come! :-)

UPDATE: No recipes to come yet, we pretty much just tweeked to taste and did away with the Lentil Soup. (ugh) This menu helped me to cut back tremendously on our monthly grocery bill even though we don't stick to it completely each week. The meals are so inexpensive that we can have a "regular" meal twice a week using coupons to keep the costs low. This menu is a MUST DO if you need to really get that grocery bill under control. It helps scattered, non-cooking moms, like me, get their head in gear in the cooking department. It pretty much teaches us to cook while having fun! Get the kids involved! :-) Couple that with couponing, and our grocery and meal organization get into shape very quickly. Loved it!


LeNette said...

This seems like way too much work! It should be interesting. Have fun...

The Story Of Us........ said...

Nettie?! Is that you?? :-)

HISchild said...

Hey, is this the one we discussed last year? I haven't looked back yet through my email log.


The Story Of Us........ said...

Yes it is. :-) I'm actually going all out this year and making the bread and everything. :-)

Last year I bought the stuff on the menu...This year...I'm going to subject make my family to my own cooking! This should be a riot! LOL

HISchild said...

If you have an electric griddle, the recipe on the MCCH database for English Muffins is super simple and delicious. They can be used for breakfast or sandwiches. You can also make them with 1/2 white and 1/2 wheat flour as well.

Will be waiting to hear how it goes!

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...


Deeny said...

Just had to say this caught my eye in your introduction.
>>I'm not buying any more stinking wavy scissors and stickers! Just print this blog on photo paper and stick it in a photo album boys. Momma loves you!<<

Just too funny. I have patients for lots of things but not scrap booking. Your blog is great. I have been looking at your wonderful frugal recipe ideas.I am taking notes of what I would like to try. I love frugal cooking and frugal meal ideas.

Thanks Sincerely Deeny