6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



Have you ever heard the phrase, "If you can't beat them, join them?"

I've decided to join him.

Daxx is our "hands on learner," and by that I mean that he touches, destroys or creates at will. He is forever coloring, breaking crayons to arrange in shapes and cutting pieces of paper. Glue is on our table at all times as well as on our floor, chairs, walls and in his hair.

I like that.

Daxx has a gift. I think he can see things in a totally different way than most. He's able to represent his vision through different mediums and in such a way that I've chosen to open my mind to his artistic expression. I've chosen to join him because...

I can't beat him!

If he were to open a gallery show today you would see the works called "3." They were created when he was three years old thus, the name "3." In this exhibit you would view...

A white piece of paper that is best viewed from the top down.
It is starkly white, blank and vast until your eye catches the sight of red coloring
The scribble represents the beginning of thought for a 3 year old..then your eye
will see the colors unfold
represent the use of them until they are gone...
The red crayon spilling into the gray then tan then green.. they spill and overlap and
begin to color more and more colors around and beneath them.
They were glued with glitter glue and placed in the freezer.
The glue dripping all over the interior of
the freezer, sparkles and glistens in a pretty and spectacular way.
When the piece emerged from the freezer it was presented to me with the phrase,
"Look at my art mommy. See it? Touch it mommy, it's cold. It's dry too. See?"
As I touched it and looked at it and thought, I felt like I was viewing a masterpiece.
That is when I realized that Daxx is Brilliant!
It's not because he's my child that I say he's brilliant.
I say he's brilliant because he's just brilliant!
Let Me Explain...

Art is meant to bring out emotions in people. Art is about expressing your emotions in order to convey them to the outside world.
Oh yes, Daxx has a gift my friends. A GIFT!!
He is ever so brilliant in such a fashion that his brilliance can be seen throughout our home, up and down the walls, on the floor in the crevices and in my eyes.
The brilliance shines in my soul I SOUL!
The art room alone will allow you to understand the emotions he brings out in people, especially
his parents.
Emotions that I would love to share with other parents, so you too can feel the
wonders of his work.
Let us tour his art room.

In the background of the "art room" you can see a brilliance of blue draping that is arranged this way and that, against the wall and window.
The room has been decorated by our Daxx for the most part.
He has torn down the expensive sliding blinds that were so nice.
He has torn down the shades that were inexpensive.
He has torn down the curtains that were also inexpensive.
He also managed to bend the bolted fasteners that held the curtains.
Brian had a melt-down and tied sheets to what is left of the fasteners.
That is Daxx's second masterpiece.
It's called

If you look closely you will notice a blade missing from the ceiling art that is also missing a light bulb. There have been 12 light bulbs to shatter and/or become rendered useless due to objects thrown at them and/or heads and fingers smashing them. The light and fan no longer function due to the artistic flow of action.

This is Daxx's third masterpiece.
It's called,


Flowing from the "Darkness with no wind" exhibit you will see
hangers of various colors streaming ever so gently from ceiling to floor.
The use of plastic and color set this structure in such a way that the eye
must appreciate the time and energy expended by Daxx in order to bring the dramatic emotions that are felt by those viewing this sculpture.
The name alone invokes overwhelming emotion.
It's called,


Yes, Daxx is an artist.

His work evokes emotions from me personally that I never knew I could feel.
Brian especially is moved by his work.

We are very blessed to be his parents and sincerely hope you too are blessed to raise
an artist.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I don't know how you avoid being driven absolutely crazy by your Daxx! If he were my child, I'm not sure he would still be able to sit down on his little bottom after causing so much destruction to my home! The blinds, the shades, the curtains...why is he so destructive?? You must be very, very tolerant! Maybe he'll grow out of it??

The Mom With Brownies said...

Oh My Anonymous friend...

I'll just blog my answer. Check it out. :o)