6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



There are so many negative comments about homeschooling, made by "well meaning" people that I've learned to let most of them roll off my back. I understand that some of the comments come from the person's desire to ask questions. They want to ask, but what comes out of their mouth is ignorance incarnate. I was that person at one time so I understand them...most of the time, and actually enjoy talking with them about their questions. 

Sometimes, though, the tone of the comment is such that I know I won't get anywhere by chit chatting nicely. Sometimes the person has their mind set in stone and I just feel the urge to...
Break It To Pieces!

Today was just that sort of day for me. The tone of the speaker let me know that she was not being nice at all, rather she was giving me a backhanded complement. She said,

"Wow! You have 5 sons and you homeschool them. I really admire people who have that many children. I have one daughter and homeschooling is out of the question because she is such a social butterfly."

Can you say "you flippin' snot?" 

Say it with me now..."You Flippin' Snot!"

What the person was really saying ...

"You have a lot of children. Those poor things are unsocialized. My daughter has a much better personality than your children, obviously, because she likes to have friends. Your sons obviously do not want to have friends, OR you don't want them to have friends, so they are social hermits...unlike MY child who is a social butterfly...floating from friend to friend in her wonderful way, being her precious "regular" schooled self because your kids cannot possibly BE social butterflies because you homeschool them. They are obviously friendless and unable to my butterfly of a precious, sweet, wonderful daughter. "

YES, that IS what the person meant. 

My response...

"I Know what you mean! Between basketball, play dates, fencing practices and meets, college (15 year old), park day meet-ups, guitar lessons, weekly swimming classes, science center camps, church camps, MLG tournaments and zoo camps I feel like I'm running a taxi service.
Sometimes I wonder why I was blessed with social butterflies myself! LOL Are boys social butterflies? Maybe bees! Social Bees! That's what I've got...and a lot of time in our 15 passenger van with their friends in tow! Homeschooling? They should call it "Anywhere BUT home schooling!" LOL

I sent one of our boys to school once and he couldn't understand why the teacher kept telling him to sit down and be quiet. He said, "She told me we aren't here to socialize!" I laughed my hiney off! ROFL

Ah well...such is life."

I think she got the picture.


Lyn said...

just browsing thought I'd let you know how impressed I am with how you handled that! my son is diabetic and I've heard once or twice that he doesn't look fat. people are ignorant.

Kristie said...

Good Job!

I've had to answer every sly question in the book about homeschooling my kids from well meaning family memeber who just don't understand. The 3 top statements I get are:

1. You must *really* like being with your kids (said like there's something wrong with spending time with your kids.) And for the record I don't always like being with them.

2. Are you planning on sending them back for highschool? (You're not qualified to teach high school. Especially all that math and science)

3. They must have had a hard time when they were in school? (No Kalene was and still is a social butterfly. The teachers and staff were great. This way just fits our family better)

People can be very ignorant even after you've taken the time to explain things to them.