6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



Who likes to scrape snow off their windshield? A 16 year old boy who just got his first "new" car. Granted it's used but you know what I mean. Brian found a great deal on a 2005 Ford Focus so we went out and got it for Kazz. He didn't have much of a 16th birthday because 2 of his dear, close friends moved out of state that month. We've been looking for a truck for Brian so Kazz could have Brian's old car but trucks are way too much to handle right now financially so, we opted for the economical Ford Focus for our eldest son.

Needless to say, Kazz was pretty excited. He had no idea we were buying. Honestly we didn't know until 3 hours previous to driving it home! The dealership closed the deal in no time flat and we drove it home at 9:00 pm! Kazz had just gotten home from college. He saw me drive up in our 15 passenger van. Then he looked out the window a little farther to see a dark car drive up and park near our curb. I motioned for him to come outside. He did, and asked who was here. When he saw that Brian was driving the car he got in. He looked around and said, "Hey, is this a Focus?! Is this a Ford Focus." Brian said yes and I asked him if he thought it was a nice car. He said, "So, who's is this? Cause...if it's mine that would be way cool!"

Brian and I laughed and told him the good news. He was on the phone lickety-split to call his friend PJ to come over to see it. He drove him and Brise over to the corner store and back. He was excited to say the least. So the video is of Kazz scraping the snow from the windshield the next day. He walked out and realized he didn't have a scraper. He found one and was smiling away as he swished the snow away. Now I know the answer to who would possibly be happy to scrape the snow off a vehicle in freezing weather. A teen who just got a car, that's who!


Anonymous said...

Sweet! I remember my first car was an 1989 Toyota Tercel my step-dad bought for $100 but I didn't care. It ran and it was all mine! I drove that thing until it died on the side of the road.

Sheena said...

I remember my first car as well. =D best feeling in the world. Mine was a 92 Ford T-bird. A big car for little ol' me.... that used a ton of gas, but thankfully my town was small, and I only drove to school and work. congrats to Kazz on his first car! (an awesome one at that!)