6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



Brian and I have been blessed to parent healthy, inquisitive little rascals who really have a tenacity for education.  Some of their education...I would go so far as to say self directed.  Their natural curiosity unfolds a question and their natural body proceeds to find the a hands on sort of way.  Last week was no exception.

I've blogged about the antics of our children in the past...many of which were headed by our brilliant, spunky little Daxx. It's been a while since we've had any really shocking incidents in our home.  The boys have grown, life has calmed down to a run instead of a sprint and I have allowed myself to relax.  Life is good...but it still throws us a curve-ball now and then.

I was cleaning the bathroom and twin's room last week in my "relaxed" state of grace when Kole arrived to tell me that they were finished coloring their pictures.  I said, "Wonderful, go on down to the playroom to play for a bit while mommy cleans."

The children put away their crayons, placed their pictures around for all to view and then...clomp,clomp, clomp they went down to play in the newly-built playroom equipped with everything from a climbing rope, to books, to a full-out set of monkey bars.

It was during the "going down of the stairs" that I closed the bathroom the cleaning was finished...and went into the boy's room to sweep the floor.  About 10 minutes into the sweeping..."sweeping" involves a very large trash can and tipping a bed over in our house...Kole came into the room to tell me that there's a lot of dust.  I said, yes honey, I'm cleaning...that's why you need to go downstairs for a minute to play.

Kole went obediently down the steps again...and came right back up.

Kole: "Mom"

Shelly" "What?"...I was still cleaning and not looking at my son.

Kole: "There's a lot of dust."

I turned to look at Kole to see him COVERED with dust!

Shelly: "What is that?!"

Kole: "The Dust!"

I went over to dust him off and couldn't figure out what in the world it would be.  He and I went over to the kitchen door, I opened it and a full out CLOUD of...."what I percieved to be smoke at first".... dust hit me in the face!  I began to scream like the house was on fire!  No words...just screams...

I made it to the bottom of the stairs to see 4 wide-eyed little children looking at their mother. As I looked around, it finally sunk in that this "smoke" actually WAS dust!  Quikrete Dust!! 

Yes, our children had gone down to play in the newly renovated playroom and my hubby, God love his heart, had innocently left 2 bags of FULLY SEALED bags of Quikrete lying in the basement take out later.  That was no biggie, but the know...our inquisitive, healthy, self-educating children, had found a Large Mallet also.  I mean, what else could they hit with it?  The walls?  No, THAT would make a mess.  Each other?  No, that would be too loud.  The floor?  No, THAT would be no fun.  Hey!  I know! How about those bags over there!


Their Question: "How much dust does Quickrete make in an enclosed space if the bags are hit repeatedly by a large mallet and then handfuls of the "stuff" are thrown around?

Shelly: "I know the answer!! Pick Me! Pick Me!  I even have pictures!" 

Side Note: We have added two little children to our mix here in the "Brownie" Home.  We are restricted by law thus unable to post photos of our foster children...and we can't use their names online....but they were in on this tiny fiasco too. The culprits are 3 boys, all six years old...and one precious little 4 year old girl...who has been blamed as the one who "did it first."

This happened Saturday.  Today is Friday.  It's been nearly a week...and I'm still dusting....and so are our children. :o)


Tina said...

Your finesse as a parent and a write made me chuckle again. I felt your horror upon opening the door and then laughed at you ability to find the learning in the situation. :o)

Tracey... said...

OMG! AND THEY ARE STILL ALIVE! Are they assigned dusting duty for the REST OF THEIR LIVES!?

The Zoo Keeper said...

Shelly, I have truly enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know you more, You are an absolutely amazing woman on a wondeeful journey, Thank You so much for your thoughts and prayers for Taylor's healing and I look forward to getting to know you further.
Jenn K

The MWB said...

Jenn, I'm so glad that he's out of the hospital and doing better. Talk to you soon...maybe Friday. :o)