6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



We're back from our fun weekend of camping and fishing.  What a relaxing family time! I did make dinner Sunday night after we got home!  Whoot!

We had the Baked Pasta from page 55 of "70 Meals, one trip to the store."

1.  I added 1 pd hamburger to replace the spinach. (hubby's request)  I added 3 cans of tomato sauce instead of the tomato paste.

2. We like our pasta "SWEET" so I also added some glops of Ricotta Cheese all around the top of the filled casserole dishes BEFORE I topped the dish with the Mozzerella cheese.

3. I didn't add any Parmesan Cheese because the boys add it at the table...why waste it?

We all loved it...of course!  It's Baked Pasta, what's not to love?

Brian went out to the store to replenish some items and add some new ones to our pantry.  We grabbed some more bread, yogurt, (pop..shhh), some "snackys" for Brian's lunches.  The total was $46.15

For those keeping track, This brings our total grocery bill up to $317.38 so far. I'm hoping that by the end of the 4th week we will be under $600 for 4 full weeks worth of meals....Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner....for a family of Eight. (Most of them are Boys and Men!)

We are NOT eating out so we are going to save money right there...Add to that the falling grocery bill and I am hoping beyond hope that we will make our goal of being Debt Free (except our house) by July 2011.

I'll keep you posted!

Now what was that other thing I was going to write about?  
Oh! Who Won The Book?

Drumroll Please..................... 

The winner of the book is 

Okay Sister! :o) If you could please use the "contact me" button at the top of the blog and send me your mailing address, I'll be happy to mail the book to you, pronto! :o)

Also, I will have Another
Book in my hands very soon.  
Be on the look-out for the next Book Giveaway!! 
If you didn't win this time, you have a second chance in a week or so!


SisterTipster said...

Thanks so much for sharing the cookbook with me! I look forward to receiving it! I love your blogs! Have a great evening!

Adena (aka cre82learn) said...

I am so glad I found your blog again! I used to host Friendship Alley and kinda fell out of the blogging world for awhile, didn't renew my blog and lost my blogroll. I am glad to have stubbled upon your blog again; this time I am "following" you! Love all the helpful frugal homeschool tips on all the other sites too.