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Once upon a time in the very real past our son, at the age of 10, asked me about Quantum Physics. Little did I know that this question was exactly the answer I need for the whirl-wind of theology our son, age 15 at the time, was asking about.

I've been reading.

Here's is the cliff-note version of Quantum Physics...; Cosmology...; Einstein's Theory as understood by The Mom With Brownies.  Take if for what it's worth and jump in where you see fit.

For as long as I can remember Einstein has been thought of as one smart fellow. When asked who he is, people will generally say "a genius from Germany" or "he's the guy who came up with E=MC2." The interesting thing about this, to me, is that it took me 40 years to examine what E=MC2 actually means!

Do you know? Here's the low-down...

E = Energy
M = Mass
C = Celeritas (The speed of light in the vacuum of space) to the Second Power

So I began to think....

If energy needs Mass and Speed to exist, how did energy even start?  Where did the "mass" come from to create the energy?  Essentially, the questions is.... How did our Universe begin? What the heck exploded to make the universe?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg; ie: Mass or Energy?

Question - Did the universe have a beginning?
Answer - yes.

Question - What caused it?

Well, there's the dilemma...
I often tell my children that God works outside of our understanding.  I have gone so far to say that God MADE the Science we know and can change it whenever he wants.  The author of a recent article details a nice little story to drive that point home.

I really think it's worth a read.   I'd like to get some feedback from scientists....on the off chance that there are some who read this blog.  What are the challenges to his findings?

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