6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.


Catholic Google Installment #2

See?  I said that I will try to blog daily and here I am again. You can't say you weren't warned. :o)

You may remember my first post about people who type phrases into Google and are directed to my blog.  Many of the questions Googled have to do with Catholicism.  Since I've written quite a bit about the Catholic and Protestant religions, many people from all over the world are directed to my posts...even if their question has nothing to do with the information contained therein.

I've been watching the questions float through my site-feeder and picked a few to answer directly.  I do giggle a bit at some of the phrases and questions, but these are things people actually want to know, so here are the answers according to The Mom with Brownies.  

Dates represent the date the person posed the question to Google.

October 20th:
From the United Kingdom: "What do Catholics think about the number 13?"

Answer:  I don't know why this question was directed to my blog. I've never mentioned the number 13 in any of my posts.  I can only surmise that a Bible verse or two may have had the number thirteen.  I will tell the questioner that Catholics don't think about that number in any special way that I'm aware; unless that particular Catholic happens to be superstitious.  

October 17th:
Chula Vista California: "Why do Catholics think they are right?"

Answer:  LOL  Are you chuckling?  I am.  I can see the fumes spilling from the person's head after a heated religious debate. Hee heee.. That question was typed in the heat of anger or by someone really seeking an answer.  To the latter, I will say...Start Reading Here and continue  HereHereHere  and  Here.  If you do, you may just find your answer. 

October 15th: Payallup Washington: "What is the difference between praying to saints and contacting the dead?"

Answer:  That answer can be found by clicking Here and scrolling down to the First Question.

October 6th:
In 2 weeks there were around 28 people who asked: "What do Catholics believe?"

Answer:  It just breaks my heart that people have to ask this.  Why aren't more Catholics delving into their beliefs, reading the Bible and learning WHY they believe the things they do?  We should be able to answer people's questions.  There's no need for heated debates...just know why you are Catholic.  It's that simple. God does the rest. 

October 5th: A blog viewer from Springfield, Missouri Googled...

"How much electricity do Catholics use?" 

This one should be a wake up call for my cradle Catholic friends.  I cannot express to them just how "odd" the Catholic faith is to most protestants in America.  Just think about this question.  There is a person out there who basically thinks Catholics are like the Quaker/Amish crowd.  THAT'S how little some people know about the Catholic religion.

October 4th: A blog viewer from Vernon, New Jersey Googled...

"Where do most Catholics live in the world?"  Click here for your answer Jersey gal/guy. 

October 3rd:  A blog viewer from State College, Pennsylvania Googled:  "Why do Catholics believe communion turns into Jesus' body?" 

Answer: I hope you were able to get your answer "HERE" State College reader.  Scroll WAY down to the answer about the Eucharist.

Original Question: "Do Catholic Alcoholics have to take Communion?"

Answer:  Catholics call Communion The Eucharist.  When taking "Communion" one can take only the bread or both wine and bread. (Body and Blood)  Catholic Alcoholics do not have to drink the wine but YES they do need to take Communion as that is what Catholicism is really ALL about... Jesus and having a personal relationship with Him.  Taking the Eucharist is a huge part of that relationship, coupled with prayer. 

That's my blog post for the day.   If you are may son, daughter or grand-child reading this in our family blog book in the distant future, you better know these answers or start studying.  Mom/Grandma means it too.  Get your Bible out, Study history and go to Church.  I love you and I'll see you when God brings us together again at Thanksgiving or in Heaven. :o)

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