6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



The snow began to fall only a few hours before the ceremony was due to begin. Brian and I had gone inside our local dollar store for a moment to grab some balloons to put into the couples car.  When we walked out, our van was already covered.

White powder began to blanket the Metro-Detroit area.  My parents called to inform us that the roads were bad up north and getting worse fast.  We decided to gather the kids, get them dressed and head for the venue earlier than previously decided.  As we drove at a snails pace, we sadly realized that this was bad...very bad for Kazz and Becca.  Brian expressed concern that people would not be able to make the trip to the wedding and we had all but resigned ourselves to the notion that our children may have a wedding with very few guests.

We arrived at the hall only 1/2 hour before the ceremony was scheduled to begin.  There were things to be done, flowers to pin, and hair to re-fix; due to the wet snow drooping our poof. I fixed Jaibrian's hair, flipped my head upside down, sprayed it like crazy and picked it out as well as could be expected. As I walked out of the bathroom, I looked around...

Becca was there.  Kazz had yet to arrive.

The hall was sparse with only immediate family members present.  I was taking deep breaths hoping to see Kazz walk in the door and that the kids wouldn't be sad that the snow caused such low attendance.  We waited.

The first arrivals walked in, white with snow covered clothes.  Hugs and talk of the weather began.  Others filtered in, still no Kazz.  I began to worry.

Minutes passed, the time for the wedding to begin was at hand.  I looked up as Kazz arrived with his Best man, Adam, and his groomsman, Parrish.  They were all smiles as they explained that they couldn't find the hall in the snow.  They were in good spirits, happy to finally be standing in the right place at the right time.  My soul was at ease.  He's safe.  All else did not matter.

More friends and family filtered into the hall.  The tables were filling and my heart began to swell with love.  I could not believe everyone was braving the unploughed roads to support our family.  The grandparents arrived and then my sister-in-law, Betsy, from Oklahoma glided across the room.  She caught a flight that day, braved the roads, and on only 3 hours sleep, came in beaming with smiles and hugs.

The pastor and final guests stomped snow from their shoes and shook out their coats as they broke the threshold of the doors. I couldn't believe my eyes; the chairs were full.

The event started late, with everyone arriving whole and in tact; a wedding success for February Michigan Nuptials. Each person so happy to be alive that there were nothing but smiles to be seen and laughter to be heard all evening.

I watched my little boy look into his wife's eyes and declare his love and devotion to her. I realized that he had grown into a fine young man.  He spoke strong and direct as he took on the responsibility to head his family.  Becca weeped as she walked up the isle and said her vows. She, beautifully and elegantly, gazed into Kazz's eyes, expressed her love and devotion to bear with him, the responsibilities they share. The emotions of the evening bubbled to the surface for all to share on that magical night.

Kazz And Becca are married. We bore testimony to the beginning of their family, bound by God Himself. God has added Becca, a strong, elegant, precious daughter, to our family and allowed us all to be safe to share in their first steps together as man and wife. For this, I am thankful.  We are all so very blessed.

Thank you God for keeping all of us safe before, during and after the service and celebration.  
You are The Almighty and all deserving of our praise.  Amen.


Jenny said...

Congrats to the happy couple....and a big AMEN for everyone's safety!! The pics are beautiful!

Oesch Family said...

So glad that everything turned out okay! I am so happy for all of you! After it is all said and done though they have an awesome story to tell people about the day they got married.

gingerfoot67 said...

YEAH! So glad that all were safe and well.

So happy for you and the whole household!

Tell Kazz and Becca that we wish them well.