6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



I cannot believe it's August 31st already.  If feels like just a week ago that Easter weekend welcomed us into the Catholic Church and the month of April bloomed with joy during Jaibrian's adoption finalization. But time, it has zoomed right along.  Here I am, packing for our annual Family Reunion in Kentucky already.  Labor Day you are!
August began in a fun way. I have been gathering with 2 of my friends on Fridays to "workout" and weigh in at various venues in our neighborhoods.  August 5th we weighed in at my house, played the Kinect and laughed our butts off.  August 12th, we met up for coffee and put the scale right on the ground in the middle of the parking lot to weigh our sorry butts... didn't lose a pound; any of us.  August 19th we were supposed to weigh in at the Air Show BBQ but Jen couldn't make Stacy and I decided we just can't weigh in without Jen.  August 26th, we were supposed to weigh in at a Church Festival but I fell asleep and missed the whole thing.  They didn't weigh in because I am the scale carrier and didn't show up.  (I'm sure they were so very sad about it.)  Well, This Friday is Labor Day weekend, so we're all going to be busy, traveling or otherwise indisposed.  I did, however, have my 3 month check-up with my Doctor yesterday.  My blood pressure was terrific...but I had gained 10 pounds in 3 months. *sigh*  Wrong Direction, Shelly.  I have high hopes for September though!

On August 14th our family got to watch Heather, Madeleine and Rachel Price do their thing on stage in the Musical "Annie" at our local Community Center.  What a fun time!  I took pictures, but the usher made me stop. *sob*  Getting caught stinks! 

August 15th was eye exam day for all the kids.  Brise and Vinze found out they are colorblind. Who Knew?! We didn't.  Kole and Vinze got new glasses and everyone else is fine and dandy.

The neighborhood crew in our backyard
On August 20th we got to enjoy time with friends at Sarah's house for a BBQ.  That was fun, though I don't like Airshows, Circuses or anything where people tempt fate.  It's not my idea of fun to watch people do things that can kill them, so I sat in the garage mostly and had a ball talking with everyone and socializing....and eating Sarah's cooking. (Did I mention the 10 pounds?)

August 25th was my Aunt Judy's funeral.  I usually have a very difficult time attending funerals.  I just have a hard time watching my family suffer and I don't like to take our children to funerals for just that reason.  This time, however, many friends stepped up to take the kids overnight so Brian, My mom and dad and I could attend the viewing and funeral without the kids having to witness it.  I was so surprised at how precious the funeral ended up being.  My dear cousins, LeNette and Dalyn, tried their hardest to make the occasion a celebration of their mother's life.  LeNette wore pink on viewing day and red at the funeral.  The songs played were a celebration of her life and the family laughed, hugged, kissed and reminisced like it was a family reunion.  Aunt Judy would have liked that.  It was a sad time, wrapped in love.  Precious.
We spent the day with Kole's Godparents and our good friends, The Prices, on  August27th.  The grilled up some dogs, introduced us to their friends from Ann Arbor and our children had fun chasing each other around the house...and through it at times; though we put a stop to the running in the house pretty quickly.  Every time I meet with Dale Price I am reminded of the immediate need to brush up on movie references and my history...the Byzantine era  to be specific.  I LOVE hanging out with them. It can't happen enough in my book.

On Sunday, August 28th, Kole broke out in hives that were so bad that he had to have an IV Drip to take care of his symptoms. He's currently taking steroids and some sort of allergy meds to counteract whatever it was that caused this reaction.  I *think* it was the Gain Detergent that I added to the homemade laundry detergent that I make for our family.  I should have known better than to dump that stuff in there, but it was on sale and I like the smell.

Today, August 31st, marks Vinze, Kole and Jaibrian's first day in Catholic School.  It became apparent a few months ago that this to cut back on stress in her life.  My blood pressure began to spike to the point that I passed right out and had to be taken to the hospital. The RX is to relax, lower stress, double my heart arrhythmia medication...because it also lowers blood pressure....and relaxxxx...(Did I say that already?)

Vinze, Kole and Jaibrian have all expressed a desire to attend school. Since we always allow our children to spend at least 1 year in a traditional school, Brian and I decided that this is as good a year as any to send them along. Sadly, the school cannot accommodate Daxx's needs right now so he's still homeschooling with Brisan.  Brise will attend our local community college in January.We're going to still be busy, but hopefully a more manageable busy.

Today our new family schedule begins.  Homeschooling 2 kids and homework with 3 kids in the late afternoon. That is a pace I can manage...I hope.


Kristina said...

We loved our two years at the Catholic school our oldest attended. They, too, were unable to accommodate either learning disabilities or giftedness. Most private schools are not set up in such a way to be able to do so. It's really too bad, as the school would have been a great place for Gabriel to stay- emotionally. Of course, we moved after that two years, but we wouldn't have left him there long term, anyway, for that very reason.

Good luck to your children. I hope they have a fabulous year! I hope that the hives go away ASAP. They look miserable.

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

I'm glad your blood pressure is getting better. I was wondering about that. I hope the kids had a great first day and a much better year.

The Mom with Brownies said...

Thanks guys! Two days down....a bunch more to go! LOL They've been good days. I think this is going to work out okay. :o)