6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



Jaibrian wanted a bowling party this year, but time caught up with us and we didn't quite get the lanes booked in time for her birth date. We were going to celebrate her 7th Year a little late so she could invite friends, send out invitations and have the big tadoo....but much to our surprise this past weekend we found out that she would have none of that non-sense.

She likes our Family Birthday Parties and Saturday was going to be the day to have it...says Jaibrian...end of story. So we did.

Our family birthday parties are always the same. They are rarely planned.  They often happen within a moment's notice and they're over in no time flat....much like a military air strike. that was intense and quick...did that really happen?

When we descend upon the dining room with pizza, cake, ice cream and a couple of presents there's always a buzz in the air.  It's nothing extravagant except for the days when we have time to run into the dollar store to grab balloons...whoo buddy that's big spending right there. :o)

Whoever is at the house participates in the impromptu party...that's the rule and it doesn't changes no matter who's gone or who's there.

Brian and I roll in with the gear, put it on the table and voila...PARTY NOW...COME ON OUT OF YOUR ROOMS, BRING THE FRIENDS IN THE BACK YARD, IT'S TIME TO EAT, SING AND BE MERRY!

Jaibrian had asked for her party now...while we were on the road doing errand in the van.  Knowing the quickness of our Family Birthday Parties, I cheated a little and texted Kazz and Becca while we were waiting at the dollar store for the balloons to be filled. 

Me to Kazz:
"Party at 8pm for Jai.  We'll be home in an hour.  Can you make it?" 
Kazz's reply:

Nuff said. 

Our Family was there and that's the fun part. THAT'S the most important part.

We never know when it will take place, but the parties take place.  They're more fun than bowling parties, lazer tag parties and pool parties because they're family parties.  They're reality, in real time, on time, every time. 

I love that our baby daughter gets that.  When I heard her little voice in the back of the van say,
 "Mom, can I have my party today?  Right Now?" 
I knew she had "the knowledge."  She's got the vibe.  She knows the drill.  She is showing, once again, that God knows who belongs with who. 

The look on her face when Brian and I smiled, turned around and said, "Absolutely!" was priceless.  Maybe a little part of her didn't know if she had "that" power....the power to pull a Family Party out of her hat, but baby, You. Are. Jaibrian. Our. Daughter and You. Have. The. Power! 

Now she's knows.

Jaibrian, we love you.  We love you our tough, strong, independent, beautiful daughter.  No matter what.  No matter where.  No matter the circumstance.  Never doubt it baby girl.  You're in and there aint nothin' gonna change that. Nothing.  Happy Birthday Precious One.  


HISchild said...

YAY JAI!!!!!!!

Stacy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAIBRIAN!! We are so glad you had an awesome day!!! :)