6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.


Brian's 34th...

In the sixteen years that Brian and I have been in love I have to say, I've not been the best birthday-wife. I would get a cake, sure. I'd sing the song and kiss the hubby...But never a party. I don't have them either. We just didn't do it. Why? Who knows? We don't....But Yesterday! HA HA SURPRISE!

Brian had a surprise party. He didn't know it would happen, heck...I didn't know it would happen! LOL His friends from work took him out to lunch. He had fun, and was all happy as he told me about it on the phone. I had no idea he enjoyed this kind of thing so much. So, I, with our 5 boys in tow, went to work immediately after the phone call. We bought a Dairy Queen cake, dollar store items and the most expensive, hoop-dee-doo, flat screen, pivotal, horizontal and vertical twirling monitor they make! Our Brian is a computer geek, you know. The boys and I were as giddy as school children on a snow day! We were on the way home from our reckless spending, when a phone rings...MY phone rings...the ring that is set to "Brian!" I answer, hoping he isn't about to say what I think he's about to say.. "Hello" I say. Then he said it! "Hi Honey, where are you? I've been calling the house." I manage to get out... "Oh I took the kids out for a spin. They were restless and needed a ride." He continues with.. "Well I'm on my way home." 'Holy Crap!' I think....but say, "Oh good. We should get there about the same time then. Maybe you and I will go out or something tonight?" "Sure." He says. And I get off the phone. Oh MY Freaking Goodness!!

The next 15 minutes were crazy! We high-tailed it to the house, plopped the twins into their chairs at the table, Kazz set out the party supplies, I got the cake ready for candle blowing, Brise hung banners and blew up balloons, Vinnie twirled around asking questions to anyone who would listen. The house was a flutter with "AHHH He's going to be here, Hurry, hurry!".....I wrapped "The-monitor-to-beat-all-monitors" while the hustle and bustled died down a bit. The dollar store items were plopped into a gift bag, altogether, and set on the table. The cake was perched in front of the bag surrounded by Happy Birthday paper cups, plates and the like. I hid the "good" gift in a bedroom as the brood took their places. Brian pulled into the driveway as we are all panting, trying to gather our composure. He walked in the door to "Happy Birthday!!" as well as 5 boys and a freaking out wife can manage.

His cheeks were rosy as only my Brian's can be. He smiled and kissed all involved. He blew out the candles, took handsome pictures and opened the dollar store bag. He hugged all the kids and gave me a wink for the best Birthday Party in town. The standards, remember, are no party at all. :-)

"Well." I say, as the party is about to disperse. "They wanted to get you one more thing." Brian sits back down in his chair. "Oh really?" He said. I disappear for a moment and round the corner again with a huge wrapped up package and a smile. He looks around at the kids as they are smiling too! "Hmmm...What's this?" He said. I break the blissful moment with, "Crap! Wait a minute I have to get the camera." He laughs, waits and then we're all ready. He opens "the coolest thing he's seen in years!" YAY His eyes sparkle like no birthday before! 'Our job is done.' I think.

It isn't until later that he confides in me that he got a call from a ner-do-well that day. Someone from the past, calling him on his birthday, trying to snake back into his life to reek havoc as only they can every few years. The ner-do-well didn't even remember it was his birthday....then again maybe the plan was to ruin his day....All I can say is thank God we picked this birthday to shower him with the love he deserves and thank God for his wonderful friends at work who did the same.

Have you ever noticed that God has a way of knowing just when his children NEED a blessing. We are so thankful for that.
It so happened that, upon hearing the news, I took Brian right out to get Satellite Radio for his car! LOL So THIS birthday, my friends, he will always remember as a very, very good day! :-)

To recap, Ner-do-well's be gone, Blessings we accept and thank God because...
"I just can't believe my life!"

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