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Laundry Can Wait! - (Original Post Jan. 2006)

It dawned on me today that Brian and I...


When did it dawn on me?
I was sitting in our living room surrounded by 6 baskets of clothing. Daxx and Kole were supposed to be sitting by my side watching television..(the great babysitter)...while I fold, tuck, put-away the lot before me. They, of course, were running around the house bringing things to me...cups, pieces of lint, shoes and the like. Kazz was making breakfast for himself while Brise and Vinze were having a heated discussion about cereal. "You ate ALL OF IT!" cried Vinze as Brise began his long explanation of "the correct amount of cereal for his breakfast bowl."

I am not a morning person.
Let me just throw that in for good measure.

As I looked over at the sock basket full to the brim with unmatched dawned on me...
'We Have Five Boys.' I thought.
The revelation hit me like cold water. I think I almost had a panic attack! I felt a little weak and sort of light headed, and squirrelly in the pit of my stomach...(smirking at myself)

Now, of course I knew this before today but I think that 'knowing' and 'feeling the full gravity of the situation' are two different things.
Today...I felt the full gravity. Why?
They eat a lot..they have clothes...a lot of clothes..they have toys...a lot of toys... they have activities...a lot of activities.
Who takes care of these "a lot's"???

Brian and I!

Let's take today's schedule for instance...Kazz has to read a story, correct the errors, answer word problems, finish the second draft of his essay and 3 worksheets...Who grades these?...Me. He is going to and participating in a Live Murder Mystery from 6:30-8:30 and has to pick out his new glasses today to boot!

Brise has 5 subjects to finish, a test to complete, Basketball practice tonight and Spelling words to study. Who takes care of that stuff? Us!
Brian coaches his team.

Vinze has a play-date from 4:00-5:30, he has learned enough sight words to read his first book and we all rejoiced. However, we have a daily "chat" about Why popcorn isn't a meal and why he must eat what the family eats. The playstation is now broken due to impatient 5-year-old-pull-the-cd-door-out-because-it's-too-slow-itis...which translates to one more babysitter out of town. :-)

Daxx is a full out 2 year old boy. He will not sit for over 3 minutes, he throws everything in sight into the garbage can and has now learned to open the frige so he can grab drinks for himself.

Kole will sit to watch television any given moment of the day. He refuses to play in his room and would rather sit on my lap than anything else. The added child on my hip is a great work-out for me throughout the day as well as a 30 pound straw that may well break the camel's back. :-)

I decided that today is my day of enlightenment. I decided that my Panic Attack was trying to teach me something...I sat...I thought...I tried to embrace the lesson cracking into my thick head... What did I learn?

"Laundry Can Wait!"

I just can't believe my life!

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