6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



People want to know why we homeschool...well some people want to know why anyone would homeschool. I'll post our reasons. I'd love to hear other homeschoolers reasons also. :-)


Brian and I sent our children to public school and private school. It seemed the "normal" thing to do. We then watched the nation's schools as the "normal" thing became higher drop out rates. American schools are falling behind nearly all advanced nations, causing our children to fall behind in relation to the world.

I saw children fighting in the halls, using weapons such as knives and pencils for bullying and protection. I saw shootings across the nation and metal detectors rising in my sons' school district.

In the "good" school districts I saw parents crying with their children over homework. They cried over the stress of trying to complete a full day of school and a full evening of homework. I became one of those parents.

I pushed the boys to "get it done" even as I was exhausted from a hard day at work and they were exhausted from a hard day at school. THAT was how they saw me. ME! Their own mother. The mom who forces them to do this and that at the end of the day before we all go to bed. We had no time for family...and the weekends??....Well I didn't want to be a weekend mom.

Our lives became about the school schedule. "but that's normal"
We barely saw our boys but for a few hours after school before they went to bed. "but that's normal"
By the time homework was finished (Our arguments were finished..) it was time for dinner and bed! "but that's normal"

My husband and I attended EVERY school parent meeting hoping that if we became involved that we would be able to help our children and maybe be closer to our children. Some meetings were to discuss the horrid financial issues in our schools in efforts to find a solution. We became sad and worried about our children's future. We felt a great burden to find a safe, comfortable learning environment for our children.

We prayed.

We then realized that God had provided the space for our children to learn, grow and thrive from the very beginning but we had been too blinded by what was "normal" to see what was right for our family.

We began using the space God had provided to us. Our home was the answer.

Our children LIKE to learn now. They excel in sports and have found many close friends in our church, homeschooling community and neighborhood. Our home is the place where the neighborhood kids come to play. My husband and I no longer play the tug of war with school officials who try to push their opinions and/or agenda at our children and thus our family. Our children actually sit down, talk to us eye to eye and we LAUGH a lot! Even our 14 year old son. "That's NOT normal"

"We LOVE not being normal!"

Our 14-year-old son will begin entry-level math and computer classes at the local college this January. We so enjoy watching our children thrive without stress.

We took our direction from a higher power...and THAT, my friend, has made all the difference!


Heather said...

In no particular order, our reasons for homeschooling:

1. I refuse to endanger my child's soul for some teacher's ego.

2. It works with our family's schedule.

3. I like teaching, and being able to do it without 150 report cards, 3 hours grading tests, missing my family because of conferences, open houses, or contract negotiating is GREAT!

4. I KNOW my child is learning instead of falling through the cracks.

5. I know she won't miss a test because she's sick.

6. We can teach things like memorization of the Preamble and the birth of Western culture without fear of PC Police.

7. We can pass on a solid faith background.

Does that help?

Peanut butter and sticky kisses said...

Well said, Heather! There are so many reasons why we homeschool but I will just list a few. Of course, as Heather no particular order:

1. I love that we can teach to each of their learning styles so get it before we move on to the next concept.

2. Their relationship with us and with God is top on our priority list. I want them to understand who God is so that they can be confident in who they are.

3. I have a few very energetic, bouncing, twirling, full of life, I don't ever want to sit down children who love to get their hands dirty that most certainly do not need a particular label from someone trying to 'fit' them into a category.

4. Shhh...they don't know when the 'other children' have a snow day :-)

Brad said...

I like that my mom homeschools me If I am stuck on something A million times She would help me but if you are in public/private school they woundn't realy do that. So i am glad we homeschool oh ya and when we are done We have the rest of the day for Fun.