6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



Brian and I got out and about last night for some dinner and coffee with our dear friends. We had a very nice time of relaxation and just being able to talk with friends. When I got home my foot was swollen so much that it was very tight and tingly to move it. *sigh* So, today, on this lovely Sunday morning, I'm sitting here with my foot propped up in my bedroom, listening to the sounds of the boys playing in the living room. I have some time to think and these random memories keep popping into my head so I'm just going to ramble them off here. :-)

Kazz used to go with Brian and I to work. We worked with my parents in their businesses so we had that privilege. Being that Kazz was brought up around mostly adults he's always been pretty at ease speaking his mind and relating to adults. When we moved to Michigan and I had to work for a short period of time, we enrolled Kazz into the local Christian pre-school/Daycare. When it came time for teacher-parent discussion I had to laugh when the teacher, Mrs. Pixie, (isn't that cute for a preschool teacher?) told me with much concern that, "Kazz doesn't want to talk or play with the other children. He sits with the teachers and talks with us during playtime." This from the teacher who also said he's very bright, confident and a leader. Well, hmmm... I just couldn't muster the strength to be concerned. Ho Hum... Turns out he's still a leader, headstrong, relates well to adults, sweet, and bright. Who'd a thunk it? LOL

The twins:
I'm going batty. Brise used to climb on top of the refrigerator, flush things down toilets, and pretty much run me ragged. I was in my 20's and thought it was oh so cute. Now I have Daxx. Daxx is just as rambunctious as Brise was except now I'm in my late 30's and think it's Oh So Tiring! LOL This child...well...let me explain.

We have to be sure that there are no toys large enough to stand on left in their room at night because Daxx will stand on them, open their bedroom window and climb Out! We had to screw their beds into the floor because he would move them to the window also. We just don't want him to get up in the middle of the night and decide to take a walk down Interstate 94. This is the same little boy who ripped the child safety plugs out of the electrical receptor in their room. He then took a train track and pryed the cover off the wall. Then he proceeded to get shocked by trying to take the actual metal plug out of the wall by the wires. He informed me that it was hot...just as Kole had told me when he stuck tweezers in the kitchen plug. Daxx is the child who climbs over the safety gates, over our fence in the backyard and laughs hard when he get hurt bad enough to make any other child scream.

He doesn't respond to talks, gentle persuasion, taking away toys, time out, spanking, or even alone time in his room. He just does not get it. Please know that I've had enough parenting experience, parenting classes, foster parent classes and patience to really put the effort into the correct way to implement each discipline procedure. He just does not care for beans. I have to surmise that God has a plan for him. I've called him My little Huck Finn for a few years now. He escapes from any room we put him in, he will not be swayed by adults, he refuses to be tamed. Yep, that's my Huck. :-)

While it's true that he's not much of an "obey right now" kind of kid, he is so very precious and helpful. He wants to help mommy and daddy any way he can. He'll bring socks to me if he thinks my feet are cold to the touch. When we had our last family living room picnic he got up to take his plate to the sink, walked over to Brian to take his and also came to get mine. We've never taught him that. He just decided to help us too. He's sweet, precious and helpful. He's also our headstrong escape artist! LOL

Each boy has his own personality that's for sure. I certainly don't want to break the spirit God gave them. I suppose we have to keep doing what we're doing with Daxx until he's mature enough to realize that we need to be obeyed the first time because we are here to help him be safe. So, when you hear Brian or I saying, "Daxx!" "Daxx no!" "Daxx, Daxx, Daxx wait!" Please know that we've tried everything and are now in a holding pattern waiting for him to understand that "Stop" means "Stop right now" not "Stop in a minute"

Thank you for your understanding. :-)



wxtbvLOL! Boys can be so much fun. Boys - will - be - boys, ya know! Parents who only have girls will never understand. Boys are so different from girls!

As far as your 'strong willed child', I have one too. Ethan is my slightly more challenging one. I completely understand about your Daxx. It was almost like you were writing about my son Ethan. I have to lovingly discipline him more than all the others combined. His siblings have all learned to contend with his overbearing personality! But We are begining to see some subtle changes in him as he is getting older, he is 5 now. He can also be a very loving child. I believe God has big plans for this boy!

Daisy said...

Oh, you're not safe with girls. My mother ditched playpens after me (her 3rd of 5) because I tipped them over to get out. Yes, I threw myself from one side of the playpen to the other hard enough to tip it over. I also climbed in the dryer (but couldn't shut the door). I was a tiny child, so I fit everywhere. I even had a "that's the hot, Mom" moment, while I was in "time out" in the corner. My mom was careful about which corner I was sent to after that one!

I haven't gotten my full revenge yet with my two girls. That's probably saved for whatever boys God allows me to have.