6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



Brian and I drove Vinze (7) and Brise (10) to summer church camp yesterday. This is the first time for both of them. I have to say that this camp is a far cry from the ones Brian and I attended in our youth. Our summer camps consisted of rough huts and a swimming pool...ummm...that's it!

Our children? Well...their camp is located on 900 acres and consist of 3 separate camps segregated by age and gender. They have acres of ponds, indoor pools, horse farms, zip lines, water trampolines, fake snow mountains, paintball forrests, Water slides everywhere...oh I can't name it all...

Just watch this video...Take a looksee...

We first drove to "Storybrook" to sign Vinze in at the registration desk. Little did we know that when we parked in the handicapped area, (my leg ya-know) we still had about 1/2 mile trek to get to the registration area. Thank God a man driving a huge golf cart came by to sweep us off our feet.

Vinze's cabin looks like a firehouse. He's in the 3rd firehouse.

They actually picked the kids up from the registration area with a real fire engine...(not the one pictured. That one has been turned into a play structure) take them to their bunk houses. We, the parents, waited for a tram to take us to their bunkhouses so we could help them unpack their luggage which was arriving separately from the luggage drop zone. Shewww... That was fun!

His play structure is 3 stories high and his age group, 1st - 3rd grade have their own lake, water slides, splash zone, fire pits, zip name it.

After Vinze was all squared away and he pretty much pushed us out of his bunkhouse while he chit chatted with his new friend we headed over to the car...another wonderful man on a golf cart toted us we could drive out of that camp area, down the highway another 2 miles to Brisan's camp, "Copper Country." Same deal with parking...far, far away even in the handicapped area so men with large golf carts swoop in to carry us away...literally through the woods...keep going..and going...We finally see a settlement.
After checking in all medications, swearing Brise has no known communicable diseases and chomping on a cookie, we meander out the registration door to the back of the line.
"What line is this?" I say. Parents look at me shyly and say,
"We don't know we're just following everyone else."
We find out in a jiffy that only children are to be in this line, holding the ticket they got from registration. Another firetruck will be by to pick them up and drop them off. Parents must walk another football field away to chat under a huge canopy so that a tram can take them to their child's sleeping quarters. So we say adieu to Brise and head over to our area.

Along comes another very loud fire engine, kids hop on top of it, weeeoooo weeeoooo weeeoooo...away they go...
Brian and I are waiting, talking, then...Along comes a...TRACTOR...pulling a huge covered wagon to take the parents, us, to our children's cabins.
Brisan's cabin is a huge full out fortress.
He was hoping to get placed in the fortress area. He didn't like the look of
the wigwams or tee pee area. Out of all the areas in camp he was hoping for the FORT! He got his wish.
Huge walls, huge doors that open to let people in, 2 story log cabin forts connected by a massive wooden fence and a deck that encircles and connects the entire fort area. They can walk from fort to fort along the high fort wall.
They could hold off Indian attacks or al qaeda in that fortress!
Well they are camping. I wonder what they're doing right now?
I'm going to go check the online daily activity sheet to find out! :-)

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