6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



Brian and I were traveling down memory lane just the other night. John and I, sitting at midnight in our backyard, he puffing his cigar, I sipping my pop, playing footsie under the patio table. He reminded me of how shocked I was to be married that first year and I reminded him of how whipped he was...72 degrees..a breeze flowing gently.

Those were the days of the young and restless my friend. He was 18.6 and I had just turned 20, only 6 weeks before our wedding...a full 19 months older than him.

We were a bad bet from the get-go. His sisters hated me and his brother came to our car after the reception to announce that he was going to go get drunk to mourn his brother's wedding. Years later I was told by good 'ol LarryAnn that she, her husband and the pastor who married us, were laying odds on how long we'd last!

Yes, we were one young, young, unemployed married couple.

The tide was against us....and we hadn't a clue. The truth is that Brian...John...My Johnny melted me.
Not long after I met Brian I realized that I had a wild one on my hands. He was a heart breaker laying waste to many-o-girl back in his day. I could see the carnage he left behind from day one.

I, 19 years old, with my deep dark tan, too tight jeans and midriff shirt, walking beside my cute Italian new acquaintance, see this girl in the distance. She was short and thin with gorgeous black hair and deep brown eyes. Her skin was porcelain perfect. She...SHE was looking at ME with jealous eyes trying to seem so unassuming. (she was last year's fling) I put her out of my mind.

The next day I see a pretty, well built, blond girl talking to another. I can hear her southern drawl, "Georgia.." I think to myself, "and she's my age!" She's discussing Brian in a not so hushed voice. "I've got competition." I think to myself. "My Kentucky accent may not be enough." (She was this year's fling)
A few days later I meet Brian's good friend. His red headed, skinny sister..20 years old...walked by and gave both he and I a casual glance with eyes that were a tad bit too squinted. I shot a look at Brian, he gave me a sideways grin. (She was last...3 weeks ago?!)
Little did I know that I had yet to meet another of his conquests. She, well she was the one. She was the one to beat all others. 5'5", sweet brown eyes, dark hair, sly little smile...very sure of herself. SHE was older than me, prettier than me by a long shot, and more savvy than I could have ever been. She was...married! He didn't know...he didn't...really...for real. He didn't!
He was 17 for crying out loud! Give him a break!
I know. Then I knew. He was THAT kind of guy. But it was too late. I loved him.
"I'll tame that boy if it's the last thing I do. "

Unbeknownst to me, He had plans of his own.
"I'll marry that girl, if it's the last thing I do." He knew from day one. It took me a bit longer.
I played hard to get in the worst way. He was so used to girls falling all over him, calling him at all hours of the day and night. He had them wrapped. Me? I treated him like crap! LOL

I was a "b" with a capital "B". Yes, true, it be. I knew I liked him and before long I knew I loved him but we had some obstacles. He was still liked by many, he lived with a daddy who let him do as he pleased. I had a very hard time trusting this one. THIS one I wanted to trust...I wanted to.
Yes, we went down memory lane a few nights ago. We were sailing down that gentle sea of life before children and bills...before gray hairs and prescription medications. I was again 19, he was 17, as we locked eyes. No words were necessary. A gentle breeze of smoke swirled in the air, stars gleamed, grins a little askew.

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