6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



Our homeschooling days began when Kazz was heading into 2nd grade.
Long story short, his reading tutor suggested it and we took the suggestion.

Since then the road has gone like this...

Public School - K, 1st, 5th
Private School - 3rd (second half), 4th (first half), 8th (1st 9 weeks)
Homeschool - 2nd, 3rd (1st half), 4th (second half), 6th - present which is 10th grade
College - began this past January

Public School - K
Private School - K4
Homeschool - 1st -present which is 5th grade

Public School - well...we think this will be his first year. 2nd
Private School - none
Homeschool - K, 1st

As much as Brian and I can't stand the thought of our lives revolving around a school calendar again, we have made the decision to allow Vinze to try public school. He has been asking to go since he saw the school just around the corner. We've always said NO! with absolute and emphatic resolve.

The problem comes when we try to explain why he can't do the same thing that Kazz and Brise got to do. He says he wants to be able to do what they did and he's right in a way. Though we've learned that we don't like to live by a calendar other than our own, we also know that the experience is interesting to kids who have never gone. It's a learning experience in ways other than education.

Kazz learned a lot that's for sure. We began homeschooling because Kazz was behind after 1st grade. He was testing above grade level after the 1st year of homeschooling. After his 5th grade experience he was behind educationally but he learned a lot about bullies, that it hurts to get kicked in the back, stabbed by a pencil and hit with rocks on the way home from school. He also learned how to deal with them though. He learned how to conform and after coming back home realized that it was ridiculous. far as life lessons go, a year of school served him well.

We are willing to allow Vinze to go but hopefully not have those same experiences. We just CAN'T STAND going backward though. If history repeats, Vinze will be behind our curriculum after this school year. He will learn how to conform to all the other fish in the building, walk in a line, raise his hand, hold his pee, get excited about going to the zoo just to get out of another day behind the same four walls, how to jockey for position to swing on the swing in the 15 minutes that everyone else wants to swing

Yes, I know I paint a dismal picture but really people, reality isn't like those cute little back to school commercials. The kids aren't bopping around the school showing of their new clothes, singing and dancing. LOL He knows he'll have fun and we encourage him but! ick! LOL

I know the principal so I know that our God isn't going to be hushed in this elementary school as He is in others. They sang all the wonderful Christmas songs with Jesus' name in it when Kazz and Brise went there, so I don't have that worry or guilt at this school.

But MAN!! I thought we were done with it. Humph!

Watch our Vinnie be the one who wants to go all the time! LOL
He's just rebelling against his radical mom!
Next thing you know he'll be giving up video games, reading books for pleasure and going to bed early! LOL

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