6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



Help! I'm held hostage to my life during the weekdays. Ahhh

Life was such sweet, sweet relaxation this summer. We woke when we wanted, played when we wanted, ate when we wanted and didn't answer to anybody, no one, nada...


We have a routine...I'm stuck in the rut of routine...Me...Shelly...Helloooo...can anybody say, "What?!"


I'm not one to "do" routines. I feel confined to a clock. I don't like clocks. They mess up life. They are little tick tocking bandits, life-snatchers if you will, that were invented by, by...BANKERS.....But I digress...again...

Up at 7, shower, wake boys, cook, get Vinnie's hair brushed, belly fed, cheeks kissed, pocket filled with lunch money, off to school...teach, grade, listen to reading, read, wipe butts, put kids down for nap, cook, log lessons onto blogs, balance checkbook, oops...buzzer went off..."Kazz! Go get Vinze, I'll wake the twins. Brise switch the clothes in the laundry." Vinze is home, homework must be done, notes signed, appointments kept,(Monday dentist, Tuesday Dentist, Wednesday Park Day..skip it for sanity's sake as there are no bathrooms there....Thursday speech, Friday pack for outing) kiddie friends come over..gotta keep them entertained, teens entertained, dinner cooked, clothes folded....'Oh is that my dear friend across the street? time for hello'... Brian's home... rings...ignore it 'cause my honey is home', (When faced with a choice of who to talk to...the conversation you choose is the relationship you're in...think about it.) "Hi Honey how was your day?" "Is it 7:00 already?" gotta bathe the twins, read to them, put them to bed, 8:00 Vinze in bath, make snack for school...'where are those baggies?' hang out with the varsity boys (Varsity=Kazz and Brise Jr Varsity=Vinze, Daxx, Kole) Kiss hubby goodnight, blog a little, set alarm clock again...'cruddy beep, beeping loud obnoxious little...banker beeper!' 

Oh Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow is a new day...Tomorrow...I do it all over again! Whaaaahhh... 

Only 8 days of this...I'm going into blurred day mode...they are all the*sob*....How in the WORLD do people do this? Why do people do this?

"I'm right on schedule" they say. "We know what we're doing, when and how we're doing it." "Go to they'll get your life on track." 

Holy Mother of God! What?! 

I think I'm just not THAT kind of mom. I'm just not THAT kind of person. I just, to be FREE!

I think I'm going to have to pick one day a week to just wing it. I can't wing the getting up early cause once I'm up the twins are up but I can wing the stuff between getting Vinze off to school and bringing him home again. Stay tuned for updates on Shelly's Wing It Day...otherwise known as Sanity, oh Sanity, wherefore art though Sanity....It is the east and Shelly's lost her ever loving mind!

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