6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



Okay so day three was a little different.
The weather was in the 90's.
We were supposed to play at the water park that was located in our campground that day but we had sunburns, the air was like sludge to breathe and the past two days of non-stop fun had taken hold.
After much talking to the local yolkals we found out that Purdue University was pretty close to our area. We found out that we could drive over to that little college town and find a hands on science museum.

We decided that we were ready for some air conditioning....I mean SCIENCE!
Again, everyone was siked for the fun! :-)
There were four other people in the whole place. One mom with a toddler and 2 workers.
We got in for $20 for our whole crew and were given 8 coupons for free kids meals at Cracker Barrel when we left. In effect, they paid us to be there!
Did I mention that Cracker Barrel doesn't place an age limit on children's meals and they are huge?
This place was fun for the older kids and younger kids. Actually, we all had fun.
They had snakes and snake skins. Vinze, of course was mesmerized.
I was just happy to know that the snakes were NOT part of the "Hands On" experience.

There was an old timey weight station where we could weigh ourselves.
That was so much fun..cough, cough

Vinze made a person with the bones puzzle.

Everyone enjoyed the space station and aeronautics areas.

Daxx just couldn't get over the fact that he could TOUCH anything he wanted!
He cried when we left.

Brise and Melissa found this table irresistible. They sat there putting computers together practically the entire day. What you don't see is Kazz fiddling on the computers that work trying to figure out the challenges and what-not.

I think Kole put on every hat, helmet, jacket, boot, and/or article of clothing in the place.

Brian made 2 or 3 different items at the imagination area. He actually made us all wait until he finished making his scissors before we could go upstairs to play! LOL

This is the real old time Fire Engine that Kole sat on nearly all day. He drove it, flipped all the knobs, put on all the fire garb and still didn't have enough.

Every picture we took ended up with Melissa glowing like a light bulb. I still don't know why her reflectors were so glowey.

This fire engine ran in 100's of fire calls.

Brise would make a great pilot. He looks so handsome in the helmet. :-)

Yep he's still there...
At the end of the day we ate at an authentic Mexican Restaurant. The waitress spoke Spanish and little else. The food was DELICIOUS!

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