6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.




Isn't this the most exciting presidential campaign in our lifetime?
It's amazing!

I found that history may be repeating itself, only stronger. A little known fact here is that Victoria Woodhull, a famous suffragette, had received the nomination of the Equal Rights Party in 1872. Her running partner was none other than Frederick Douglass, the former slave and famous abolitionist. (White woman, black man)

I wonder if this will be the case this year, in reverse? Time will tell.

My prediction about Huckabee is off by a long shot, which makes this process more of a thrill for me to be sure. Yes, he started strong winning the first primary. I felt pretty good about my prediction but something in the air changed. This is not our usual election my friends. (yes, stating the obvious)

The rising interest in blogging and reading blogs has brought a deeper and more personal view into the hearts and homes of millions. People can read and share in the privacy of their own home. Thought can happen without heated, in your face exchange.

Dialogue is happening! Thought is happening!

The horrible economy, the war, and immigration are all rolled up into one big ball of
"CHANGE HAS TO HAPPEN!" in the minds of most Americans. Our country is waking up!

Each person is FORCED to care in this election. We are actually WANTING to vote!

People are beginning to vote, not from the pulpit but from their own conscience and heart. Why?
There are more "open" Christians running! In past elections there were pretty distinct lines drawn in the sand about our president's belief system. (ie: Who is steering their moral compass.)
Preachers could pick one and go with it. This year...preachers Are Torn BIG time.
For those who usually listen to their pastor and go for it, well they are out of luck. In this race there are no clear cut answers to "what kind of believer are you." In this race the question has become, "Are you telling the truth about being a believer?" and "What are you going to do with that belief?"

YES indeed, Dialogue IS happening! Thought is happening!

Who is the wolf?? If you aren't a wolf, Are you going to run politics as usual or are you going to steer with a different wheel? OH There's the real question!

Obama and Hillary have a real chance. McCain is older than dirt and republicans have to be a little scared about that going into the elections.

I wonder what Super Tuesday will hold? I wonder who they will pick for running mates?

Wonder, wonder!! HOW FUN IS THIS!!

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Kerry said...

I read a Victoria Woodhull script a couple years back when I was working in development. It was too period to think about producing for T.V. but it was a good story.

Totally agree about the excitment in the air. I was canvassing in Southeast L.A. today and most of the people were Pro-bama and Ant-illary. I'm now off to Trademark those terms. xox, -Kerry