6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



Last weekend my son, Kazz, informed me that I'm addicted to the computer. Now, that may have hit some parents the wrong way but when he told me that, in a respectful manner, I took notice. I smiled and stood there for a moment to think. I had to smile because what he was actually saying to me was, "Mom I want more time with you." Except it sounded like, "Mom you are addicted to the computer."

He's almost sixteen. In two very short years, he may very well be living on his own. Brian and I both left home at 18 and never returned. Kazz wants and needs time now and I have time to give, so he's going to get what he needs.

I don't know if you've noticed but I've been off the computer quite a bit this week. Not much blogging has gone on that's for sure. My mom called to ask me what was wrong! She checked my blog to catch the posts for the week and there were none. That's when I knew Kazz was right! LOL If my mom is worried because I haven't been posting, there's a problem kiddo!

It's been an interesting week. I've played Monopoly a few times with Brisan and Vinze. Those two have taken it upon themselves to play other games together when I'm not available. They've actually been getting along quite like two very close brothers. THAT is new!

I took the boys to the local diner for breakfast on a very, very snowy morning. It's the little, smokey, old time diner that my father takes the boys to when he and mom come to visit. The boys enjoy that immensely. I mean, they REALLY like it. They get up at the crack of dawn when they hear my dad moving about the house so they can be ready to leave if he decides to head over to the diner for coffee and biscuits. MY boys people...getting up before 7:00 am...on their own. Yep that's how much they like that little, smokey diner. I think it's the early morning conversation and relaxing atmosphere. It's that kind of old fashioned feeling that makes your whole body relax and take in the safe feeling.

What else have I had time to do this week? I've learned that the twins are ready for Kindergarten math. I've taken a look around the house and made a list of honey do's. I've even folded and put away quite a lot of laundry.

It seems that in my want to type and save everything my children do through the here...I've forgotten to be a part of the memories instead of the record keeper of the memories. hmmm...

That's not good.

This week the boys and I had a little pow wow. They helped me make a weekly plan for their schooling that would involve leaving our humble abode on a regular basis and enjoying each other. Monday is now library and swimming day at our local community center slash library and Wednesday is breakfast at Danica's before school begins.

This should be fun, if this past week is any indication.

I have to smile. My boy, my eldest son, WANTS more time with mom. That's awesome! :-)


Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

i did notice too that you've been not posting;) but...i will tell you that I'm toning down too... and i only have one (kiddo and blog). i realized one day that I was spending more time talking about what we were doing than doing!!!

on the crack me up! we don't drink milk or pop or eat candy w/ all our allergies...if we did i'd try that in a heartbeat. i love a good bargain!

Shelly said...

Oh now I have to blog about CVS. The Milk and Candy are what I use as fillers to bring my balance up to a dollar or so. If I didn't put those things in with the other purchases I'd have a negative balance! Look at my next blog post. :-)