6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



We've been homeschooling for 10 years. It seems like we've tried every kind of homeschooling from unschooling to overly structured. Somewhere along the way we became an eclectic, frugal, fun homeschooling family. Some weeks we go by a schedule, some weeks we don't. One thing we have stuck to recently, however, is freebie sites. 

I have been over the moon for freebies and frugal ideas. The boys enjoy something different now and then and I enjoy changing up the learning adventure too.

I had a brain pop and decided to start an international Yahoo Group for Frugal Homeschooling Parents to store, share and chat about all things Frugal and Homeschooling...including recipes! :-)

So, for all of you out there who ware interested in freebie sites, frugal sites and peeking into the links other parents have stored's your chance to dive in...


Enjoy!  :-)

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Roxiticus Desperate Housewives said...

Hi Mom with Brownies...what's bakin'?

Thanks for your comment/question on my recent post about EntreCard
on Roxiticus Desperate Housewives. I thought it was just my swanky Windows Vista computer on Comcastic Internet that dragged me down, but I heard from some of the 300EC-droppers that it takes them over 2 hours...and that's just to drop and run, not stop and have a brownie and leave a comment!

Military Wife also stopped by my blog and has started a new EntreCard dropping blogroll on RingSurf. I have signed up, pending approval, and will let you (and the Red Hot Drops) know if it seems to help.

Happy Mother's Day in advance....