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I just checked out the IRS "Where's My Stimulus Payment" page.

Brian and I thought we would get our direct deposit today but it turns out that ours will be mailed instead of direct deposited. Go figure.

We always get our refunds direct deposited but this year, for some unknown reason, the IRS decided to mail ours instead...sooo....that is how our Stimulus Check is coming to our home also.

Not only that but I found out, by using their handy-dandy little site there, that we are going to get $600 less than we thought.

Oh well, I'm happy to get what's coming.

If you still haven't gotten your stimulus payment, you may want to check out what's up
right here.

Good Luck! My parents got $600 less also. hmmm....


Hadias said...

We used the calculator and should be getting $300 more than we expected but much later than we expected.

We did a Refund Anticipation Loan which does not count as a true Direct Depsoit, so we will have to wait on a paper check as well.

Bummer. My husband was going to go all out for me this Mother's Day with the rebate check.

Now I have to wait until June:(

Kristina said...

Well, we did direct deposit and should have gotten our stimulus check on Friday. HOWEVER, we got an extra W-2 this year after we had already filed our taxes and had to file an ammended return. They haven't finished processing that ammendment, so we won't get our check for a while.:(