6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



UPDATE: This post began as a nod to my favorite little girl's name. The post, however has morphed into something more fun..for me especially! I've gotten requests in the comments and by e-mail to name babies yet to be born. :-)

The Answer is YES...I will name YOUR baby!! Just ask!

If you give me your first name, your significant other's first name and how many syllables will be in the little ones last name...I will have a name just pop out of me. I'll let you know what it is! :-) Go ahead...

Comment in the comment section or email me at: for a more discreet naming. Of course if you use the name I HAVE to see pictures please! :-) and if you don't...I STILL want to see pictures! I'll post them and the name chosen if you give permission!

(original post)

Anyone who's known me 5 minutes, or who has read the names of my children, knows that I'm a name FREAK!

I love to think about them, I love to fiddle with making them up, I love to just...any name that can be fiddled with I will fiddle with it. you know.

If you are having a baby, I WILL think of a baby name for your child. It's just what I do...I don't know why...I know it is YOUR baby but I will name that child. (Kara is Raven and Louis you are Brahm)

It is a gift and a curse. I just have this obsession. There now you know my ONE fault. (snicker)

Today I found THE perfect little girl's name.
Now let me tell you this...coming from ME...THAT is saying something.

I have 5 sons and names on the back burner for more.. I have NO daughters but have names ready in wait for them to arrive.

I have names...IN A FILE...on my computer...for my GRAND-CHILDREN! *SIGH*

*Sigh* sigh...wheewww....

There, I've admitted it...

"Hello, my name is Shelly and I'm... A Namaholic."

Upon adopting 3 of our children, immediately after the judge swore us in, signed the petition, granted our adoption and asked the recorder to end the proceedings, he looked up, AT ME, from his high up judge seat and said,

"What's up with these names?"

I had to explain where I came up with our children's names. Oh yes, I have a sickness...NO I have a gift!

So are you ready for the perfect little baby girl, toddler, growing child, teenager, grown to adulthood name that can be thought of as the best name on the face of the earth to match all beauty and all ages for a human female precious soul?


It is...

Nevaeh (Ne vay uh)

I found the precious name here, in all it's glory, with a little two year old's face to match.

Nevaeh is Heaven...spelled backward.

nuff said. I'm done looking for girl names. Thank You Mary-Ann for being proud of your niece and blogging about her and Mary-Ann's sister for naming her!

It is finished.


The BenSpark said...

I know a neveah. Yep, heaven spelled backwards. Pretty cool.

bingskee said...

i had that habit a long time ago when i still dont have a baby. my daughter's first name actually came from my name with syllables read backwards.

MARY-ANN said...

Thank you so much for mentioning us in your blog!! She's a vaery special little girl with a awesome name to match. I'll let my sister know you think so too :)

Lauri said...

I have difficulty to find a perfect name for my baby girl which is due in the next 2 weeks. Any suggestion?

Gina said...

I love it! Now we need a perfect boy's name!


Hi Lauri,


Laila (lay luh)
Ariana (ar ee on uh)

Laila means
"night Beauty" "Dark Beauty"

Ariana means
"pretty eastern girl"

Thats the name that hit me. :-)

Sheena said...

wow, you ARE good, lol. That is a gorgeous name. :) I'm preggers, when I find out what we're having, I'll ask your opinion on a name. :) ciao!

Sheena said...

Hi! Okay so we found out we're having a girl! We have a name in mind, but I'd still love to see what pops into your head. :) My name is Sheena, hubby's is Anthony (goes by Tony) and our last name has two syllables. Thanks! :D