6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



I have been tagged by 1stopmom. I have to list 7 random or weird things about myself. I read hers and have to say that her love of video games is something I can relate to. (Can anyone say, Metal Gear....or PacMan?)

Alright, here is more information than you care to know about me. :-)

1. I have to have something to focus my mind on or I go nuts! Can anyone say, "Controlling?"

I am happiest when life is a little bit messy. I need a little bit of chaos around me to feel like life is going well. For instance, Brian got a promotion and raise recently, Kazz is in college and on the Dean's list, the twins are getting older and not as needy as before, Brise seems to be happier and smiles more often, and Vinze has settled into a sweet, fun, happy child. Isn't that great! Life is good so that means I don't have a lot to "do" right now. I don't have a child to "fix" or a problem to focus my energy on so I had to FIND something to focus my energy on! LOL

I was getting bored, thus antsy, thus not as happy. So what did I do? I began cleaning my house like a fiend this past week. I tore out a cabinet in our Kitchen. We went through 10 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers wiping walls, cabinets and floors. I have a plan in mind to finish a bedroom in the basement, finish the bathroom and move the living room and most of the bedroom arrangements around in this house. Yep, I need something to do.

2. One of the things I want to do before I die is shoot an oozie and any gun that will shoot many, many, rounds. (dldldldldldldldld) I love to shoot guns! The Christmas I was pregnant with Brisan, Brian got me a shot gun with exchangable barrels. I cannot tell you how exciting that was! LOL Now, I haven't loaded, unloaded, and cleaned a gun enough to be comfortable knowing the ins and outs of caring for a gun but I LOVE to shoot them. If I could go to school to learn all there is to know about guns and then make money from it somehow I would be one happy woman. They are so powerful and exciting. There is SO much to know about them.

3. I think I have mentioned this before on my blog here but I'll say it again for those who do not know me well. :o) If the world were to go to bed at 4:00 am and wake at 1:00 pm I would feel complete. I do not know why people feel the need to go to bed when the evening is just beginning. I cannot fathom the need to get up when the morning begins. To me, that is such a waste of good wake time and sleeping time! I like to experience the day light AND the evening. There should be acitivities planned and businesses open in the evening and wee hours of the morning. That is when many people wake up for goodness sake. Who LIKES to get up early and start their day? WHO? How crazy! (Sorry my morning-loving hubby)

4. I've lived in a lot of homes during my 38 years of life. I'm going to note the ones I know for sure just for the fun of it. I've live in a one story home with no running water in Goodells Michigan as an infant and in a one story home in Vanceburg Kentucky. I've lived in trailers. Once in a trailer park in Franklin Furnace Ohio, in the middle of a field near a trailer assembly plant in Wheelersburg Ohio, in two separate lots in Franklin Furnace Ohio and once on the Ohio River. The riverbank was our back yard. I've lived in apartments. Once in the top story of a home in Port Huron Michigan and once in a huge apartment complex in Madison Heights Michigan. There were over 1000 apartments in that complex. I've lived in a few houses in my time also. I lived in a 3 bedroom home in Franklin Furnace Ohio, a 2 story home on the Ohio River, a one story home on the Ohio River, and a one story home w/ a loft on the Ohio River. I lived in a 3 Bedroom Ranch in Porth Huron Michigan, a 2 bedroom ranch in St Paul Kentucky, a 2 bedroom house in Portsmouth Ohio and the 4 bedroom Brick ranch that we have now.

I've moved....a lot. I know what it's like to live on foodstamps and I know what it feels like to live on a 6 figure income. Honestly, life can be good either way. Paying the bills on time is perfection. Buying everything you want is not good for the soul.

5. My favorite home was the little 2 bedroom apartment in Madison Heights Michigan in that huge complex. We didn't have a lot of space so everything was forced to have it's place. We didn't have a lot of "stuff" laying about so we appreciated what we had. We had a huge basement where I could do our laundry while the kids roller-bladed. Man, that was one simple life with little cleaning to be done. The boys seemed to have a ball and we were always playing games or doing things together because we were in such close quarters. We also didn't have all that yard work to do so we had more time on our hands to hang out together. I really loved that time in our lives.

6. I love my husband. We've been married 18 years and I still get all twitterpated when he comes home from work. I know that may seem normal but I've been watching people through my life and I'm here to say that really loving husbands is not normal. I've noticed too often the many women out there who gripe and complain about how their husbands don't help around the house or how their husbands won't get up with the baby. They gripe that he doesn't understand them and what-not. I don't understand that AT ALL.

I honestly believe that I would not be (or stay) married to a man like that. If he didn't know how to be the head of his cook, clean, parent his children...then I would not be with him. That's the sum total of it right there. I married a man who thinks like I do on this subject. He got up with the kids. He cooks, cleans, does laundry, cleans the toilet...AND SO DO I. WE both do these things. He buys me stuff when he goes out to the store. He kisses me daily and we hug daily. We just get each other and we talk and he listens...LISTENS to me...and I Listen to HIM. He tries to understand where I am coming from and I do the same for him. I really, really love my husband. We know each other....and still love each other. You won't catch me lumping him in with all the stupid husband jokes or in with those husbands that women gripe about because he isn't one of them. When I hear women talk about their husbands like that I begin to think that they made a very big mistake.

7. I eat chocolate every day. I eat it every day. Every single day. I have eaten it every day since I can remember. The only time I didn't eat chocolate was after my heart ablation surgery. I wasn't supposed to have Caffeine so I gave up caffeine. Then I found out that chocolate has very little caffeine and I fell right back into happy land with my chocolate. Ahh...chocolate. It's a good thing. As for the caffeine...I also drink Mt. Dew. I haven't had heart palps so I'm not too worried about it now.

Well, there you have it. Way too much information about me. I tag...Women who also love their husbands very, very much. :o)






NOT SO PERFECT (I mean "So Not Perfect") LOL


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