6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



Our family loaded into our 15 passenger van and took off for Kentucky last week.  My niece, Keisha, turned Sweet-16 and we were invited to the Luau!

My Brother and Sister (in-law) recently bought a new home-on-the-hill and we couldn't wait to go see their new digs.

The scenery to behold on the drive to their home was nothing short of breathtaking.  I couldn't snap pictures quickly enough to do the views justice, but I was able to grab a few sites as we zipped by.

We arrived just in time to catch my nephew Ryker wide awake.  He was waiting up for his Aunt Shelly to arrive.  He just couldn't shut his little eyes before he said, Hello and I love you.  (tee hee)   Oh My Gosh!  What a cutie-butt! He just grabbed my face and kissy-kissy-pull-hair-kissy-kissied till the cows came home.  I couldn't get enough of my little 8 month old baby boy.

The next day, Keisha's party gals arrived for the weekend sleepover-luau.  Their new home was full of family and friends for days on end. 

All the kids had a ball running around the hill, swimming, shewing away cows and swinging on the porch swing.  I got a kick out of swatting bumble-bees with a tennis racket.

My awesome sister (in-law) (I don't like to say "in-law" cause she's my one and only sister soooo... that's why the parenthesis...I thought about just saying sister on the blog but then you all would have thought my brother married my sister and well...the Kentucky jokes would fly now wouldn't they) LOL

Anyway, My awesome sister (in-law) hung out with me and chatted and let me nap and sleep and relax so that our weekend vacation was actually a relaxing event.  Our boys didn't have time to be bored since there were acres to play on, a pool to swim in and a large house to navigate.  The dogs and cows kept them so busy that I barely saw any of them while we were there.  Thank you LeAnn for the relaxing weekend!

(I want one of those fake out-houses! Those are fake boots under the door! LOL) 

Zachary, my brother, your talented Tile Laying Magic is amazing!  I could NOT believe how awesome your floors looked! No wonder people pay you the big bucks to lay their tile.  You're an artist, my brother. :o)

Anyway, Keisha turned 16 and had an awesome party.  Shayla is taller than Keisha now and looking like a runway model.  I just can't believe how tall they all are these days!

My parents came over to grab a few fruit smoothies and we all got to take some time out to play with our family. 

There's just nothing like family to lower the blood pressure and fresh, Kentucky, country air to breathe a little life back into these weary, city bones of mine.

But all good things must come to an end.  I got to hug Keisha, Shayla, Brooklyn, Caleb and Ryker...I got to hang out with them, party with them and laugh with them...and sometimes AT them.

Our boys also got laughed at quite a bit. LOL

It was a good weekend but as pretty as the country view can be....It only took one look at Detroit, as we rolled up the highway, to put a smile on my face and prompt a photo shoot from our vehicle. 
Yes, it was good to see my old Kentucky home, with it's lightning bugs and rolling hills but the City does call to me.  

She lights up brighter and rolls a little longer in these eyes.

You know what?  I think it's perfectly, alright to love Bluegrass, MoTown and Rock City all at one time.  We only live once; Might as well appreciate it all.


Jenny said...

Beautiful pics...I want to go too!!! Looks like the family really enjoyed themselves :)

Tiany said...

Folled over from your Free Homeschooling site... Beautiful place and home, looks like everyone had a ton of fun! :-)

Tiany said...

That should have been followed :-)