6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



Well it's that time of year again.  It's my birthday month, so it's time to sit down and take a gander at my past, present and future wants, needs and notes.

In order to do this better, about 5 years ago I made a list of 100 things that I have done and/or want to do before I kick the bucket.  Some of the things listed are not necessarily things I WANTED to do, but they are interesting enough to make the list in one funky way or another.

The list is comprised of things that are out of the ordinary or things I find interesting enough to put on the list.  At any they no particular order.

Things listed in black are done.
Those listed in maroon are still to be done.
Those listed in blue are in the process.

1. Go to Hawaii/Maui and snorkel in the ocean (1993)
Get married and stay HAPPILY married - 21 years this June

3. Shoot an oozie or any gun that blasts round after round. (dldldlldldldldl)

4. Give Birth (1992, 1997)
5. Adopt children (2007, 2011)
6. Live a year without television hook-up or any free channels (1998: we had a vcr though)
7. Come very close to death (2003 Heart Arrhythmia/Ablation Surgery)
8. Break a bone
- went a little overboard on that one
9. Walk and Play in the rain
10. Hold an alligator (1995)
11. Go to Disney World
and stay on grounds and buy every picture available from every ride that offers a picture (1994)

12. Drive through a Redwood Tree and slow dance with Brian on the stump of one (Sequoias)

13. Attend a Luau (In Maui)
See Niagara Falls
15. Get pulled over by the cops (Lots of times LOL)
16. Graduate from College
(Just a 2 year degree so far)
17. Tour a Navy Ship

18. Ride a train overnight
19. See Paris

20. Swim in the ocean (Maui, Florida, Myrtle Beach)
21. Go deep sea fishing
(Florida Keys: Got Sicker than a dog)
22. Get baptised in a river
(Ohio River in Franklin Fce. Ohio Boat Docks)
23. Be too skinny
(Most of my elementary years)
24. Be too fat
(Most of my adult years tee hee)
25. Ride a bike with no hands

26. Be a church youth group director
27. Drive over 100 miles an hour with a police escort leading the way
(Helping a friend after her husband shot at her)
28. Touch a stingray

29. Be a foster parent

30. Learn fluent sign language
31. Have a speaking part in a big screen movie

32. Homeschool my children
33. Be a Radio DJ

34. Be completely debt free

35. Learn to play an instrument - Clarinet
36. March in a school band
37. Ride in the bucket of a Backhoe
38. Confront a hooker and her john
39. Shoot a rifle, pistol, shotgun

40. Give a hard working low income family enough money to pay off their home
41. Write a novel

42. Visit the Great Wall of China

43. Teach a child to read (done a few times)

44. Invent something and patent it

45. See the Whales in migration (Beautiful! If this isn't on your bucket list, you may want to consider it. Head to Maui in January and you'll even be able to see them from the shore.)

46.  Go to the airport one Friday with my husband, hop on a plane to a random place in a foreign country, eat there, see one of the sites and then hop back on the plane to come home on Saturday or Sunday.
47.  Ride across America Coast to Coast in a huge, decked out RV with all of our children for two or three months.

48.  Actually see the end of a rainbow - In Ky from our porch. It ended in the Ohio River and then expanded into Ohio.  I also saw many Rainbows in Hawaii but I don't remember seeing the end of one per-se while there.
49. Fly first class

50. Visit Australia and see a Concert in the Australia Opera House

51. Go Skinny dipping

52. Be a member of a TV sit-com audience

53. Go horseback riding

54. Be on a jury

55. See a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse
56. Ride down a Mountain on a "sled" in a drain ditch
57. Attend a Rock Concert (Cinderella, Winger and the Bullet Boys)
58.  Watch a Broadway Musical (Les Mis..3 times, Mamma Mia, Jesus Christ Superstar, Phantom of the Opera, Rock of Ages)

59. Shower in a waterfall
60. Visit a concentration camp
61. Step foot on all 7 continents (Antarctica?... maybe 6!)

62. Ride the Eurail

63. Hit a homerun
64. Make the game winning out
65. Be on TV - Mr Cartoon
66. Ride an Airboat in the Everglades
67. Publish a short story
68. Witness parents losing all rights to their children forever - I've seen this three times.
It's very hard to witness.
69. Live through a rollover car accident
70. Witness a car vs. motorcycle accident - That was a bad one
71. Tell a terrible employer where to shove it - I didn't say shove it but they got the picture
72. Speak with a woman who would later kill her own child.  (TWICE! One woman was a parent at the school where I taught and the other was a vendor who sat and chatted with me a lot at a flea market where I worked on weekends)
73. Learn to rollerblade/ride a bike/ice skate/rollerskate
74.  Ride a monorail/ski lift/skyrail
75. See a shooting star and make a wish
76. Ride a roller coaster (The Beast, Magnum, Space Mountain, Mouse Trap, Corkscrew, Big Dipper, The Racer, Vortex, Blue Streak, Gemini...I think there's more but that's what I can remember)

77. Build a foundation for young adults who are aging out of foster care
78.  Become a Psychologist in my later years of life

79. Surround myself with children and laughter

80. Have sex 30 days in a row, in a different location every day
81. Have sex outdoors

82. Learn to cook an authentic Italian dish from scratch
83. Plan and Host a Homeschool Prom Cruise! (2009 and 2010)

84. Chat with a couple of Authentic Rockettes
85. Ride an elephant
86. Own my own business

87. Help my children get a college degree before they turn 18 (One down...5 to go!)
88. Help a prostitute get out of that lifestyle
89. Live in a High Rise building in a large City for 1 year, preferably the penthouse.
90. Learn to drive a Stick Shift
91. Own a 15 passenger van as a family car

92. Go somewhere where nobody knows me and dress up however I want and hang out with people who are also "being" someone they "aren't" and watch everyone else live as if they are someone else also. Like, don't get to know anyone "really" but hang out all weekend pretending to be other people while everyone else does the same...How fun!  We would never know who we were "really" chatting with...That's would be a blast!

93. Snorkel where the locals snorkel in Maui - My family had the beach all to ourselves!
94. Convince 90% of Americans that Human Life begins when the sperm and egg unite, thus it is human, thus worth saving even if the mother is poor and may raise the child differently than we would raise our own.
95. Have a backyard that is an oasis to relax, BBQ, play games and enjoy the family easily and privately
96. See all of our children happily married and making a living following their bliss
97. Go to Italy with Brian
98. Ride the London Eye
99. Raise Twins
100. Feed a giraffe a carrot

There's more but that's a start.  If you make a list, let me know!  I want to read it. :o)


Tina said...

Wow...what an impressive list, and a lot of the already in the black! You go, girl! I don't think I could come up with so much. Maybe I'll have to start thinking...hmmm...

Kristina said...

Well, I don't have a list, but I'm going to start working on one. I would like to help you with number three, though.

3. Shoot an oozie or any gun that blasts round after round. (dldldlldldldldl)

Next time you come to KY, AND you don't have too much going on (bwahahahaha), let me know and I'll take you to a local gun range where we can take care of that. ;D

The Wilhelms said...

well, I don't have alist but I want one now!! :) So cool.