6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



Summer is here. This is a good thing, not because the weather has been so very nice, but because our Family Campground has opened its’ doors for another year.

The past two weekends have been a flurry of family bonding and I love every minute of it, the good the bad and the ugly.

Two weekends ago, we arrived at our seasonal spot to open our camper for the summer. The campground has changed a bit. They’ve added more spots, put a new roof on the camp store, re-furbished the indoor pool and are adding a putt-putt golf course at this very moment. Due to all the renovations we had to move our camper a few feet to the right so we didn’t infringe on our neighbor too badly. After that was accomplished we were on our way to pulling out the toys, setting up the BBQ, placing chairs around the fire pit and spraying for ants.

Boy, the ground is ant-hilly this year!

The kiddos quickly found their buddies, Brian and Jasmine. The kids met two years ago. Brian and Jasmine are also adopted…presumably from foster care…we haven’t gotten to chat with their parents much yet. The kids also happen to be the same age as Daxx, Kole and Jaibrian, can you believe that?

I’m telling you, our children are going to grow up thinking that most kids arrive into families adopted rather than by birth. It seems that everywhere we go, they find families of adoption, as if drawn to them by some higher power….and somehow, I don’t think that’s happenstance.

At any rate, the past two weekends have been a flurry of fishing, fire-gazing, fireside “dancing”…goofing off….smores, dog-walking, allergy enduring, whining, joyful laughing, board game playing, and lawn chair sitting…FUN.

I’ve thanked God more than once for our paid off little camper….and the campground rule that we can also have 1 tent on our seasonal site.

This year the younger kids slept in the tent. They took turns spending a night on the ground/cot. After sleeping on the ground, we had mutiny on our hands and caved to buy another cot for the tent. Now they all sleep together cozy and without threat of making each other walk the plank.

There have already been fish caught, frogs, snakes and eggs gathered in Pringles and Coffee cans. The fort that the kids built last year still stands. Other children have found comfort in hiding their found treasures there also.

Last weekend the camper and tent fit all of our family, including my mom, dad, Kazz and Becca. Board games were flying, as were the yard “jarts.” My dad bought Sky Darts.... the kind that bounce instead of the kind that will kill our family. We were very grateful for that.

Dad and Kazz are the masters at that game….Kazz and Brise rule Euchre and I rule Blokus 3D….oh yes I do…even if Brian IS the one person who beats me every time….I still call dibs on that game.

Yes, our camping season has begun. Within all that fun are many moments of boredom, sweet, blissful, boredom…where the children learn that no amount of whining will fix the problem. They are forced to think up games, sit still, or explore. I like that.

I wish this upon my grand-children and their children and their children after that.  Boredom, camping, camp-fires, yard jarts…the bouncing kind…and a little more mind-mending boredom.  It’s the good stuff in life.

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