6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



The "Good" Picture Before Church
This past weekend was supposed to be our first camping adventure of 2012.  We have a seasonal camp site "up north" in Michigan.  Our camper stays in "our" spot all year round so our family can spend many weekends there each summer.  The forecast for this past weekend, however, was not optimal for fun in the sun, so we decided to stay home...and I'm glad we did.

I had a cold that kicked my hiney.  My nose was full of snot, my head was achy, my body wanted to sleep and thankfully, I did. I slept a lot. 

The kids were entertained by friends who we were blessed to have over for the weekend.  Paul and Liza are buddies who fit into this family like they were born into it.  Their parents went to a weekend camp to take some training for Boy Scouts/American Heritage Girls.  Jeff and Jen were all about blacksmithing, camp-fire cooking, old-timey baking, colonial days such and such.  They had a good time....not my idea of fun, but they were REALLY into it! They are now certified to teach our troops all this jazz and THAT is very cool.

Jen and Liza

Anyway, thanks to the kids all getting along like family, all I had to do was have food out at all times, movies to choose from and basketballs outside....and the occasional video game time-table set for them to play; and all was well with the world. 

Brise and Brian: Same Height
They didn't care that I was zonked out half of the time...and they're all old enough that I didn't have to have my eyes on them at all times.  (Boy I'm so glad to be out of that baby stage)

We figured out that Brisan, age 15, is now as tall as Brian.  That's a whoot!  Brise finishes his second college course this week.  He aced his Keyboarding class and has aced this IT course.  He'll be on the Dean's List for this semester.  I am so proud of him I just can't stand it.

Well, That brings us up to speed for this weekend.  As I type this...on Monday at 8pm, Brian is snotting and feeling like trash.  He got my cold.  Sorry Honey...I did warn you not to drink after me but you said, ....and I quote..."I don't get sick." 

Yawn...Good Morning

Well, now we know that's not quite the case, now don't we. tee hee...  (Brian is chuckling next to me as I read this out loud.)

Here's to a fun summer! 

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