6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



Okay, so nobody ever accused Brian or me of being stick figures.  Let's just start with that.

Let it be known that we are well aware that these pictures are side-splittingly-funny.

We laughed as we took them, laughed as we sent them to our computer and I laughed as I edited them.

However, they ARE making it onto this blog because my husband made that tree swing for me. I wanted one for my birthday and I am going to use!

The kids are all a flutter about it.  Jaibrian swung till her little heart was content today.

I swung and swung.  Brian swung with Daxx and everyone had a grand old time just-a-swingin'.  I'm not the little girl in the neighborhood named Charlotte Johnson, but we still had fun swinging on that swing today.

Not only did we swing, but we put out some of my mom and dad's crafts/furniture in the front yard to see if passers-by would take a look and buy.  The kids put out two Lemonade stands.

The kids made a killing! People bought Minute-Maid Lemonade that the kids had poured into pitchers. People bought Faygo pop.  They didn't care!  Tires squealed to a stop as people jumped out to grab a cup.

Honestly, If they set up every day, they could make a pretty good haul this summer....while I'm swingin' on the swing watching them learn about sales.

Next weekend I plan to paint the seat of the swing white, just after the kids go to bed.  Hopefully people walking by our front yard don't get the bright idea to swing a bit.  They'll get white paint on their hiney. 

That's no fun at all....

But then again, wouldn't that actually be splittingly funny too. Isn't that what the swing is for....Fun and Laughter? 

I have to admit; While I say that I hope nobody swings on it while the paint is wet, what I really mean is that I'll be watching until the wee hours of the morning just hoping that somebody does!

Yep, I'm that kind of crazy.

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HISchild said...

Can Shelly come out and play? I want to swing too!!! What fun!