6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.


APRIL 2013 - Quick Family Update

APRIL?  May is almost over and I still haven't posted about April events in our family! Ack!

Okay, so the kids had "Crazy Hair Day" at school.  The boys wore multicolored Mohawks and Jaibrian wore Disney Princesses in her hair whilst sporting a Tiara of her very own.


Oh boy they were amped up that morning. Shew! 

Then we were off to practice for Daxx and Jaibrian's First Communion.

The day was beautiful and they were just as precious as can be.  They walked up and respectfully took their first Eucharist.  Jaibrian wore a little white, eyelette dress with her favorite white sweater.

She got to see her friend, Elizabeth as they crossed paths to/from church.  Elizabeth was in the first Mass schedule.

There were 3 groups of children taking their first communion this year. What a wonderful thing to witness!

I took this opportunity to have my picture taken with Kazz and Brisan.  Brisan isn't what you would call a church goin' boy.  He says he's a Christian and doesn't need to be Catholic or go to church to be one.  I say....You're 16, work it out for yourself my boy...momma and Jesus love you.

At any rate...Brise DID attend mass with all of us to support his siblings. It was a rare moment indeed that he actually agreed to have this picture taken and even smiled for his mommy.  Kazz took the opportunity to push Brisan's tolerance a bit further. (Notice that I'm posting this picture, even though I'm talking and have my eyes closed.. It's because my boys are both smiling and posing with me.  That's what matters.  I usually look like this in real life anyway so, why not have a picture to prove what everyone already knows? Shelly talks a lot and sometimes in her sleep.)

This is the point where Kazz pushed the envelope and said, "Hey, Brisan let's both give mom a kiss on the cheek too!"  And my Biggest boy goes in for the kissy cheek while my baby boy shows his disgust...ever so slightly...(ahem)

What I ended up with was a very nice kissy from my Kazzbo and an empty arm reaching for Brisan as he non-nonchalantly walked out of the picture. Ah well...I'll take it!

Kazz and Becca's bathtub fell apart.  That's the short of it.  One minute they were showering...the next minute the wall starts to fall in.  The pictures below are of Kazz working hard to fix his home and Beka's handy-work as well.

So here's the neat thing about this renovation.  As they tore out the wall they found newspaper wrapped around the water pipes to keep them insulated.  The newspaper was from April 20th, 1973. Guess what day they found the newspaper?  Yep, you guessed it!  April 20th, 2013....Exactly 40 years later.

Pretty good insulation right there, huh? 40 Year warranty. LOL...ahhhh....I crack myself up.

I am SO proud of those two boogers.  They own their own home, have been married over 2 years and turn 21 this year.  Hard workers those two!!

That's a wrap for April!

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