6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.


MARCH 2013

Jaibrian Hannah-Rae's birthday is in March.  This year she turned 8...I cannot believe she's eight already...(sigh)

She awoke to find that the entrance to her door was blocked that morning.  I was in the livingroom, mating socks and getting the kids' clothes ready for school when I heard her door creak open and her little voice say, "huh."  Just like that.  Not a "huh?!?" like shock.....she just let out a little, 'that's weird' kind of "huh."

I got a kick out of that.  It's just the kind of reaction one comes to expect from Jaibrian.  She isn't easily shocked, scared or otherwise excitable by unexpected, odd life moments.  She takes things in stride, in a more...."What's up with this?" kind of mentality.

I'm telling you she'll be into some kind of science as an adult, trying to figure out things that are odd.  She even likes to watch surgeries and what-not online.  Nothing ever grosses this girl out....but I digress....

Where were we?  Oh, I hear this little "Huh." and say, What's up Jaibrian?  She's all..."I don't know."  I asked her if her light was on and she said no.  I told her to turn her light on and she did.  Then she laughed.  I later found out that she thought she was blind because she couldn't see anything in the darkness when she opened her door!

Yes, my friends and family....She opened her door, saw blackness, thought she was BLIND...and her reaction was "huh." Like, oh well, that's weird. LOL  After she turned on her light and saw the pink banner, she then realized that she wasn't blind and laughed it off!!! ROFL....Yes.  Oh, I love this girl!

So, her brothers get up and start wishing her a happy birthday.  Of course, her if she needs one....but her self-appointed-guardian, Daxx, non-the-less has to give her a big birthday hug which she loved....(sarc)  She's not all into brothers hugging her but she puts up with it from Daxx because they are buddies.

I got to do her hair!  Pinterest you are my dear friend.  She picked an easy up-do from the photos on pinterest and I zipped her hair right up in a quick and easy topsy-tail-braid-twisty thing.  She was a happy girl going off to school that day.  She gave her class friends cupcakes with sprinkles.


March 2013 was also the month for Easter.  It's a tradition to color eggs at the table.   We use the oven racks, placed on top of soup cans as the place to let our colored eggs dry.  That was Brian's big idea one year and it stuck. He's a smarty pants, but I don't tell him that too often because he gets all big headed. :o)

Egg coloring happened early one morning when the kids just got out of bed.  That's because Brian is an early riser and if they wanted him to help them, then morning egg coloring would be the deal.

I got to sleep in.  Thank you honey. :o) 

March is also the month of Jaibrian's noted above.  She got quite a few things this year.  Her favorites being the entire collection of Junie B. Jones books from mommy and daddy; A real diamond necklace from Kazz and Becca and money from grandma and grandpa.  Oh, and let's not forget the One Direction necklace and wrist-bands.  One Direction is "so cool."

Kazz and Becca became Catholic at Easter Vigil.  Jeff and Jennifer Freeman were their sponsors so we got to spend Easter with them.  Jaibrian and Liza were excited about that.  Aren't they the cutest little boogers?!

My parents were also here to support Kazz and Becca on their big day.  They thought the service was very nice and dad stated that if everyone lived the way the Priest preached, there's no way they wouldn't make it to Heaven.  Just so ya know....I was raised protestant...and my parents are still protestant so I was happy to hear my dad say those words.  I'm sure they were meant for me as a sort of..."I approve, Shelly."  Thanks daddy. :o)

Daxx and Kole were their normal, little mischievous twin selves.  God love them. Even  in their pictures you can tell they're little, playful boogers. I love it!

 Sooo....that leaves the egg hunt.  We do things a little different in our household. We have a night-time egg hunt.  As the kids got older, the daytime hunt was just boring.  They didn't have fun and frankly it was just blahh...

So one year somebody (me) decided it would be fun to use flashlights and have an egg hunt in the dead of night.  Well, that went over like the best thing ever.  We've been doing it ever since.

We might not look all pretty in suits and dresses, but we're having fun and that's what matters really, right?  Daxx is usually the foreman...doling out advice and counting how many eggs are he counts the eggs in everyone's cartons.  Kole just wants to have fun and doesn't care one iota about the egg count.  Jaibrian listens intently to Daxx's observations and usually comes out ahead because of it.

I need to point out that Brisan was involved in many of these events.  He just hates to have his picture taken so, there you have it.  The family in pictures, not in pictures and me behind the camera. :o)
That's our March update.  What's April got up her sleeve? 

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