6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



Daxx: Mom can I use dad's lighter stick?
Me: Why do you need a lighter?
Daxx: I'm learning how to make bracelets on YouTube and I need a lighter stick.
Me: I think your dad used the last of it for the grill.
Daxx: But we use Cocaine!!
Me: Cocaine??
Daxx: Yes.
Me: Co..Caine.
Daxx: Yes! Cocainnnne.
Me: Who is using Cocaine!?!?
Daxx: WE Do!!
Me: We do?? You use Cocaine?
Daxx: Yes and Dad does.
Me: Daxx where in the world would your dad use Cocaine?
Daxx: In. The GRILLLL!
Me: ...blink....blink... I think you mean ProPane. (Emphasis on the p sounds)
Daxx: Propane. We use propane!!
Me: What were we talking about?



I found out I was going to be a grandma and flipped my lid!
I haven't blogged since Axel Ray Stewart was baking in his mommy's tummy. There was so much to do; What with waiting and fidgeting and looking up stuff on the internet, and waiting....

Yes, it's a boy!! 

He is 5 months old and says, "I love you Grandma Shelly" all the time. Just ask me...nobody else can understand him. It's sad really. All he talks about is me and nobody can understand a word he says. But I digress...

I'm not blogging about our precious Axel today because it will take forever and I have to get the pictures gathered for a proper introduction: So this first blog post in over a year is about our son, Kole.

Kole has been a Young Marines member for over a year now. He enjoys all the camping, volunteerism, hikes, 5k runs and other exciting adventures they get to accomplish.

Enjoys??  That's not the right word. He is, like, INTO this thing!

Firing AK's and other guns has been a highlight. He hit bullseye at 50 yards out, earning a second place trophy in the 16 and under group.

 Did I mention that Kole is 10 years old? 
Yeah, we're a little proud of him

At any rate... I have a point...I've said all that to tell you about this little nugget that happened over the past weekend.

Some of Kole's Young Marine Squad chose to camp Friday through Sunday, in the rain, and work 10 hour days at The Selfridge Air Show. Kole came home Sunday night tired, happy, exhausted and full of stories.  One of his adventures went something like this....

KOLE: "This Blue Angel guy asked us what we wanted to be. I said a pilot. He asked if I wanted a ride and I said 'Nah, I'm tired.'   Later he took me up into his plane. (#6) I sat in his seat and wore his helmet. The pilot guy asked me if I was pretty sure I wanted to be a pilot because gunners and other stuff paid more. I said, 'You get PAID to do this crap?!?' He started laughing."


Me: "Did you get pictures?! Why did you say no?!"

Kole: "No."

Me: "No What?"

Kole: "I don't have pictures."

Me: "Why did you say no?!" (trying to stay calm, but my voice became a "little" screachy.)

Kole: (sighing)
"I toolld you. (slumps back onto couch and cuddles with me...exhausted)
I was tired from working all day."

Me: "But, Say YES when a Blue Angel offers you a riiide in the plaaane."

Kole: "Why?"

Me: speechless, sighing, kissing his sleepy head...a little impressed with him

I told Kole he could look the pilot up on Facebook and friend him. Kole informed me that was creepy and stalkerish. Aaand.. he can't remember the pilot's name. *Whahhh*

Yeah, Yeah...I know...
That wonderful, generous, education minded pilot probably couldn't have REALLY taken Kole for a spin due to insurance reasons or, you know, G-forces causing traumatic damage to a 10 year old...BUT...
He Asked!  
That is more than most people will ever be able to truthfully say in their lives.
You are loved Kole Daniel!...and so are you, Blue Angel #6