6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.


Bathroom Scale Therapy...

Today is the day. I decided to try to win the bet I placed with my son. I found some Weight Watchers books and a sliding POINTS Finder thingy so...Why Not?? Right?? Well, this morning was a bugger. Let me just say that.

I'm not great with temptation.

This morning I was fighting the urge to eat the glop of smashed together cookies that Kazz dropped inside the oven last night! The timer went off, so he hopped out of his chair, grabbed a rag to take the pan out and splat!...All over the oven floor...burned fingers tend to give under Brian came to the rescue with a spatula to scrape the stuff off the oven floor.

Well, you was just sitting there on the stove. Yes, the oven needs to be cleaned...Yes, Brian looked at me like I was crazy...But...HEY! The stuff has been baked, the germs are dead on the oven floor so anything mixed in with the chocolate chip cookie goo wouldn't be harmful...Right?
THAT My Friends how much I love chocolate!

As I was contemplating the idea of eating the wonderful chocolate goo I brought our bathroom scales up from the basement...Actually Brise brought them up...I set them on the floor, looked down at them and saw the words "Lithium Powered" written on the scale. I stepped on them, wrote down my weight and became depressed a tiny, little bit. Thinking that the weight couldn't have been exactly correct, I walked down to the basement to step on the other scales we have...I looked down and saw "Counselor" written on the scales. I shook my head as I realized...These scales are my therapy....The "Counselor" tells me that no matter which scale I step on they will all say the same thing (unless they lie which is no help to me) and the Lithium Powered scale tells me which psychiatric drug I'm going to need if I don't come to grips with the reality of my weight problem! LOL Funny? Yes, but a little bit of a weird kind of wake up call. "My scales are my therapy!" LOL

After that bit of weird thinking was out of the way, I realized that this morning was a turning point of sorts. I threw out the dough, didn't eat any of it, cleaned the kitchen and began my day. I've read the Weight Watchers books, made a list of foods I enjoy and how many points they entail. I will begin my spreadsheet after I've posted this blog and off I go to win $100.00 from my 13 year old son! Ha ha!!

I'm a diet queen my friend!

Today is a good day. I can't believe my life!

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