6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.


A Changing Of The Minds...

So, where did I leave off? Ah, yes...

Our eldest son was happily heading off to school, our two middle boys were homeschooling merrily as our twins romped around their play-room, and I juggled the brood. a bit different. The events leading up to the-here-and-now are a bit muddled in my mind as I just can't believe it's happened, so forgive my jumping around as I try to wade through...Here goes.

Kazz has been withdrawn from the private school, our two middle boys are still homeschooling; though it's now more of a monotony than a happy schedule, and the twins can navigate the stairs; which allows them to happily have the run of the house.

Kazz began school with a "lets-see-if-this-is-better-than-homeschool" attitude. For the most part the days were so-so and he met a few kids. Most of the teachers were sweet and did their job well. His Algebra skills soared with at 108.3 on his first report card! The days were rolling by and then a bump...

Mrs. "so-n-so" says to me, "Has Kazz ever even HAD English?" She spouts off in front of the 13 year old, "Because he acts like he has NO IDEA what he's doing." I was taken aback as his grades have been A, B, C's and nothing scary to look at....then she adds to that wonderful statement, "You didn't sign his homework book two times!" "He will NEVER be a success in life if this isn't' done everyday." I try to absorb that logic and excuse Kazz and I from her presence.

Okay, one bump...I can handle this, no biggy swallow my frustration and press on....

Parent teacher conferences arrive...His Algebra teacher told Brian and I that Kazz has told him, in confidence, that he (Kazz) doesn't like the school. His Algebra teacher also told us that he is concerned because he can see it "weighing on Kazz." We take this as genuine concern and put it in our pocket for future reference...

We glance at Kazz's report card and are pleased to see that in 6 classes he is getting A's and High B's...In two classes he has high C's...English being one of them. As we sit with the English teacher...To my husbands ears comes the ringing of, 'See Kazz isn't succeeding because of the book not being signed." (eyes rolling) "He gets a failing grade every time you forget to sign it!" (sigh) .... So the C is due to my lapse of memory not Kazz's lack of knowledge....that's a good thing I think...and off we go to talk to the Bible class teacher thinking, the worst is behind us.

But, Ohhh No! Long story short, the Bible teacher confided to Brian and I that he feels some of the students are being led by satan. As a result of this revelation the kids can't ask questions in his class anymore. Only he (the teacher) can speak. If they have a question they must submit it in writing. We politely excuse ourselves, walk away ...

"Our kid is out of here!" Brian whispers, as we pass by the bulletin board of names for Honor Roll Students..." Oh looky there..Kazz M." hmmm...he's not succeeding??? "Oh Shelly, he will never succeed in life. You forgot to sign his book!" (snickering)

Kazz was so happy! He walked around like a new kid. He is doing everything I ask for school at home and even doing better in fencing. I really hate to think of what those teachers were conveying to our kid and to the other children still in their classes.

I feel that when he's an adult he will have the maturity to handle condescending remarks and the self confidence to let some ridiculous banter go. But, at this age, why subject him to adults like this every day for hours each day? I don't see the good in it.

That is actually the short version.. (shaking my head, sighing and rolling my eyes)

So, now I have an appointment with an admissions advisor for a local college that gives homeschooled students 50% off tuition. They have no age limit and are just a hop skip and a jump away from the house. Will Kazz go this year... I'm thinking we'll wait until he's 14 and let him take some basic computer classes, maybe Math, since he loves it so much, and let him mature to the ripe old age of 16 before he can take any class that would require deep discussion. I have friends who have enrolled children in college at 12, 13, 14...I thought they were crazy, but now...I think it's an easy way to get the high school credits out of the way and get a huge head start on a degree...AND CHEAP!

Oh, what else is prancing around in my head? Brise and Vinze are a hoot. They are doing so well in school. They are listening and doing just what needs to be done. I think it's the promise of a whole month of school off, if they do well by Thanksgiving, that is giving them the extra drive. Truth be told, I need December off and I'm taking it whether they like it or not! :-)

The Homeschool Support Group I started is hanging right in there. Over 150 families. We are bowling this Monday. Over 40 people have signed up! Got to love that!

So, the synopsis...All of our children are home, healthy and free from condescending comments and "satanic warfare". The twins are coming into their own, checking out the house and reaking havoc with our dog, Mandy. Kazz has now been to 3 different schools, in and out of homeschooling 4 times and may be going to college next year.

No one can ever accuse us of being afraid to change our mind. :-)

I can't believe my life!

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