6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



Isn't this the truth?!

The way I see it, this year we have to choose an adulterous man who left his wife and three birth children for a rich beauty
a slick talking man who is known as the most liberal yet skates by scandal by voting present instead of voting for what he thinks is best.

I can't get fully behind either man...yet.

Show me something new guys
I'm going to have to cast my vote for a
Vice-President this year.

What a shame!


Deanna said...

I'll get behind them both. And kick them as far as humanly possible. I'll even accept help and let it be inhumanely possible. But that's just me! ;-)

Stacy said...

Very frustrating indeed! There is no choice at this time as far as I'm concerned.

Allison said...

You said it, sister! My dh said, all this Presidential Election season needs is the "Easy Button" so we can push it and get the Do Over!! I'm going to become a libertarian...sigh.

Dale said...

The U.S. Veteran Dispatch site is run by a guy with a serious hate-on for McCain. Use with extreme caution, if at all, as he slants everything against the Senator.

That said, yes, he behaved sinfully when he returned. But (1) he's been pretty forthright about it, and (2) it would be incorrect to say that he simply abandoned his responsibilities to his first wife and children. He gave her all the property of the marriage, covered all her medical expenses and paid child support. And while Cindy McCain is beyond loaded, *he* signed a pre-nuptual agreement and their finances are completely separate, to the point of filing separate tax returns.

He remains on as good a terms as could be hoped with his first wife and the children from the first marriage, the oldest two he adopted.

Dale said...

For some reason I omitted the link about his "blended family."


Hi Dale,

Any way you slice it, he's a weasel who cheated on his wife. He came home in less than perfect physical shape and still left her for "the other" woman.

Surely the fact that he lived up to his financial responsibilities does not excuse his behavior. He did cheat. He did leave her. He did marry his mistress only a month after the divorce.

In my eyes, he left his family. No amount of money will ever change that pain for his children or his first wife.

Dale said...

Yes, he *was* a cheating weasel who left his wife. All of that's true. Men who cheat on their wives are scum in my book.

But if he's admitted as much, tried to make restitution at some level, stayed involved with his children from the first marriage *and* his first wife and kids have forgiven him, how much of a grudge should *I* carry 27 years after the fact?


The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Do I believe that he has been faithful to the wife he has now? No. Do I believe that he has been there for his family? No. Do I believe that the wife he has now has had a bed of roses for a life with him? No. Do I believe his first family has forgiven him? No.

I believe in my heart that they are all making the best of a terrible situation. I believe that they are still in pain. I believe that he has cheated on this wife. I believe that everyone is staying married for the political aspect. I believe their marriage is as much of a sham as Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Your everyday Joe who cheats and takes off on his ailing wife is still a cheater. A politically savvy man who takes off on his ailing wife to marry a rich, powerful, politically connected woman is a snake.

Now you know how cynical I am. LOL