6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



Cousins hanging out in Kentucky
Today, I am thankful for our Beast of a 15 passenger van. I'm convined this thing has kept me from getting tickets over the past few years. I have yet to be pulled over. I attribute that to the cops, maybe, thinking that our van is a group home bus.

And that's okay. We ARE quite "the home" ya know.

This bugger is paid off, carries all of our crew and some of our friends...all at the same time.  It has carried many foster children, seen us through family vacations, camping trips, hospital stays, funerals and a wedding.

Brisan loading the van at the campground

It may be falling apart at the seams inside, but the heat works, as does the air conditioning.  There are two DVD consoles hanging out in there...but only one plays...thank you Jesus that it's the one WAY in the back where I prefer the kids to sit. :o)

We bought the bus to pull our camper and transport us to and fro. I wanted a vehicle big enough to carry our entire family and a few friends to boot.  My Brian was on board with that idea...because he wanted a BIG camper. 

Brian, Kole and Daxx walking to the van at Metro-Park

It didn't come with a hitch, but we negotiated that into the deal.  When we brought the van home, the kids went bonkers.  Since then it's been peed on, spilled in, puked in and dented.

We've laughed, fought, cried and waxed philosophical within.  Music has been sung, stories told and lives shared in this monster.  

Kazz learning to drive "the group home bus"

The kids friends have bounced in the back seats when I hit bumps.  They've laughed at nearly hitting their head on the ceiling.  Some have found out that Mrs. Shelly likes loud music and that it is quite customary to dance, clap and boogy down while in the van...especially to and from scouting events.

The Rodeo Lasso Move, Travolta Point and Fist Pump have been seen by more than one passing motorist....further perpetuating the "group home bus" belief in our town.  
Jaibrian comfy and cozy

Some of our friends have shaken their head at the sight of us driving up to their homes, while others felt a sigh of relief to know they aren't the only crazy parents in the world to buy a Beast for a family vehicle.

This bus, this Behemoth, this Blessing....It will be a memory held dear by our children. For me, however, it is a cherished gift.  It holds all of our family together, forcing not a separation to our destinations.  As children marry, it carries their spouses, our grandchildren to come and still, we are together; One family, One roof, One ride, Together.

I am happy to have it in our Life; As it is not the destinations that matter to me, but the joy of the journey.

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