6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



Jaibrian's Arm at ER
On October 8th Jaibrian and Daxx were happy little children. They had been invited to a birthday party at their class-mate, Mikki's, Home.  They were ecstatic because this was to be the first "school friend" party attended.  The day was looked forward to as if it were a Hollywood style ball.  "How many days left mom?"  and "How far is it mom?" and "Is this the week we go mom?"  were questions touted over weeks and weeks of waiting.

Before the first cast
Finally the day arrived.  Brian and I loaded the two party-goers into the van for a fun day of partying and playing.  We arrived at Mikke's house quickly enough. He only lives a few miles from our home.  We hopped out of the van, met Mikki's father and mother, who were busy bees trying to make sure everyone was having fun and feeling welcome.

Mikkie's backyard butts up to Lake St. Clair and was full of tents, pizza, and bounce houses. Jaibrian and Daxx's eyes beamed as they took in the view.  We walked over to the first bounce house, shoes flew off and the kids were gone.  Brian and I took that moment to take in the beautiful view of the Lake.  We had been standing there all of 5 minutes when my mother-spidey-sense kicked in.

Waiting for ER Docs
Something isn't right.

I turned around to scan the area.  Daxx was talking with his friends who were playing with BeyBlades; But where was Jaibrian.  I began to walk into the yard, scanning, scanning, scanning the large perimeter.  Finally I saw a woman bent down talking to Jaibrian.  It seemed off somehow...not right.

On the way to Urgent Care. Yes, I took a picture. She's amazing!
I began walking over and as I navigated around the woman's crouched position, I caught a glimpse of Jaibrian's face. She was scanning, scanning, scanning the perimeter with a look of horror in her eyes.  As she glanced up, our eyes met and her expression calmed.  I then realized that she was holding her arm in an awkward position.  I got closer; Jaibrian calmly stated, "Mom, I broke it.  I broke my arm."

"Yes you did kiddo. Let's get to a doctor."

She had climbed to the top of the very large bounce house slide.  As she slid, she got bounced, began to roll and twisted her arm in the process.  Apparently there was a collision with another child's legs...we're actually unsure, as the stories were conflicting....children see what they see and they don't always jibe.  All we knew was that "how" didn't matter.

Nuff Said
Brian was shell shocked. Jaibrian's arm was hooved up and her eyes had not a tear one.  The angelic atmosphere of the day suddenly turned nightmarish and creepy.  We grabbed up Daxx, who threw a huge tantrum in the van...because his day of anticipated fun lasted a whole 15 minutes.  Jaibrian sat stoically in the van, keeping her tears in check.  Brian and I were amazed.

Long story short....the urgent care sent us to the ER.  The ER visit lasted hours and hours.  Eventually Jaibrian underwent manipulation surgery, got a sling, was sent to an orthopedic surgeon where she got a hot pink cast.  After the casting, Brian surprised us with a trip to the Olive Garden.  Jaibrian got to pick anything she wanted from the menu.  Nothing calms the nerves better than Italian food ya know. :o)

Comfort Food
That cast was taken off weeks later, only to have a purple cast replace it as her arm hadn't healed completely.  Today the purple cast came off.  Her arm is sore and won't extend all the way, but we have high hopes that over the next 4 weeks it will get back to normal.  We hope the next Dr. visit ends with a clean bill of health.

I learned, through this adventure, that our daughter is quite the little marine.  The doctors and nurses had never, in all their years...every one of all their years seen a little girl or any child hurt this badly to have no tears.  She watched them poke her for the IV, she let them examine, x-ray and prod her arm without so much as a weepy eye.  At some point in this odyssey she had to be put into a twilight sleep. During this twilight state they had to straighten one bone that had bent and pop both bones back into place.  They expected lots of screaming....that she wouldn't have remembered...but, lo-and-behold, she didn't make a peep.

So glad it wasn't her right arm!

She is wonder woman!

As we left the hospital, she had to drink medicine that contained codeine. Codeine stinks...and tastes bad...THAT is when she cried...a little bit.  She didn't want to drink that yucky stuff. LOL

God love our little Jai-Bird.  She is the toughest, strongest woman I know...and she's only six.  May God watch over her, hold her in the palm of His Mighty Hand and lead her life to His Perfection.  Amen.


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