6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.


2012 SPRING HAPPENINGS SO FAR: Being Saved, Mowing Grass and Girly Stuff

Brian Teaching Kole The Ropes
1. Brian got his first taste of proselytizing by an exuberant, evangelical protestant yesterday.

Brian and his co-worker had to ride together to a meeting.  The man (I'll call him Joe for this post) asked Brian to ride with him; which is abnormal. Brian usually drives to meetings....and has never had to attend with Joe. Upon leaving the parking lot, Joe's CD player began playing. It was his preacher.  Joe asked Brian what church he attends.  Brian told him where we attend and explained that we're Catholic and our children attend Catholic school.

Go Daxx, Go!
Joe invited Brian to his church. Brian said that we have a church. Joe told Brian that being Catholic doesn't make a person a Christian.  Brian explained that accepting Christ's Sacrifice, loving Christ, praying to Christ and worshiping Christ makes a person a Christian. Joe explained that we aren't saved by works. Brian agreed.  Joe explained that Catholics think they have to work their way into Heaven.  Brian explained that Catholics are saved by the Grace of Jesus Christ and that our prayers, works and duties as Christians strengthen our walk with Christ, but do not "get" us to Heaven. Joe was dumbfounded.  Joe got a little irritated.

Joe then told Brian that he used to be Catholic and that's not how his parents raised him.  Brian explained that what some Catholics are taught at home and what The Church actually teaches can sometimes be two very different things. (And vice versa: Some Protestants don't know their church teachings.)

Jaibrian at Kitty Deluxe (Sun is in the eyes)
Joe said that Catholics don't even know if they are saved. Brian explained that Catholics are humble before God. They usually don't "say" they're saved because we all have to go through Judgement day and if we "say" we're saved for "sure" then we are basically saying that we're going to walk up to GOD HIMSELF on judgement day and say, "Let me in," before God has even judged us.  We have HOPE in our salvation...and Hope does not disappoint....(Romans 5:5), yes, Catholics know that we are saved but we're not announcing that before God does.

Kole's First Time Mowing
Joe then told Brian that when the music at his church plays, he feels closer to God.  Brian said he feels closer to God by worshiping like, and taking the same Communion as, the very first Christians;  Worshiping the way Christians worshiped right after Jesus ascended into Heaven. He feels closer to God by worshiping the way Christians did when they were dying...literally take the Eucharist; and, he far as he knows, there were no rock concerts in the earliest churches or in the directions Jesus gave about how to worship.

Joe decided to change the subject. Joe is a Christian. Brian knows that, I know that...and now...I think Joe might know that Catholics are Christians too.

2.  Kazz and Becca are thinking about going back to school. They're heading over to the college to check out their options. Recently, both of them have talked with their employers about advances in the company and even more education seems to be the key.

Jai is ready for the party
3. When Brisan isn't attending college courses, he's basically sleeping due to allergies that have cropped up this spring.  We didn't have much of a winter, so he's feeling the sinus pressure, wheezing and not so fun coughing that comes with an early allergy season.  He got an A in his first college course (Keyboarding) that lasted only half the semester. He has an A, so far, in his first IT core class.  I'm very proud of this little booger.

4.  We have entered the spring/summer where Daxx and Kole are 8 years old!  You know what that means?!  They can learn to mow the grass! Whoot!  Oh how we love eight year olds.  It's also time to see who's taller.  Daxx is older by 1 minute, so he's always taller.  (That's how we explain it to Kole, anyway)

Daxx is older by 1 minute, Kole
5.  Jaibrian has found her new favorite place on earth.  Kitty Deluxe.  It's a little girls paradise where they make headbands, necklaces, buy trinkets and find girly stuff galore in a cute, little pink house.  She was invited to Molly's Birthday Party and now...I think I'm in for a lot of Kitty Deluxe visits.  Thanks a lot Suzanne!  No, I'm just kidding. It is so fun. I can't wait to go back.

6. Me...well, I'm feeling better now that the sun is coming out more often.  I feel like writing more.  I'm adjusting to the new gluten/dairy free diet.  I'm making lists of Good/Bad foods and learning what is best for my body.  Now to get my body moving more....I will make this happen!  My good friend, Stacy, is working her butt off and giving me inspiration to move mine off the couch.  I can't wait for May to get here. I'll turn 42 and we get to start camping again.  Here's to hoping for a great summer!


Lindsey said...


The Mom with Brownies said...

Thank you. I thought so too. I've never heard my husband talk so enthusiastically about his beliefs in all my life.

Isn't it interesting when Christians try to convert Christians to Christianity?

Tina said...

Great post, Shelly! We are not Catholic, but I have on more than one occasion been in the position to explain that Catholics are also Christians. Kind of funny how that works.

So much is going on in your little household. The thing that drew me into this post was the photo of Jaibrian in front of Kitty Deluxe. That place rocks! Amie Lynn used to love going there. Car you believe we will be traveling to Missouri the end of May for her June wedding?

Also, cannot believe the twins are EIGHT! I love the height explanation. Priceless.

The Mom with Brownies said...

How long has Kitty Deluxe been there? I had never heard of it!

I cannot believe the twins are 8 either! And, I didn't know that Amie Lynn is in Missouri! What??