6 TBSP cocoa, 1/4 C butter, 1 C sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1/3 C flour, 2 eggs, Cook 350 - 25 mins.



Okay so last night the picture got the best of me. Sooo...I wrote a nice little note to Mrs. Second Grade Teacher. I made sure to sound nice and competent. And by that I mean I checked my letter for grammer and spelling errors three or four or 10 times.

I went to drop Vinnie off at school and handed the teacher the note. She did not smile and gave me a slight little nod.

(uuuugggghhhh..... *slight sob*)

I just want him to have a wonderful experience and I want her to LIKE me! Why??? I don't know! I just do.
Anyway, after school I was a little late on purpose. Not late really just not early. Vinze and a couple of other kids were outside waiting for their parents while playing on the playground. Mrs Second Grade Teacher was talking with a parent. She sounded curt and to the point with the father. "Just see me at parent teacher conference and we'll see how it goes by then. I do write large on the board so he should be able to see but I'll try to write larger."

While I was listening to this over my shoulder Vinze came up to tell me that the teacher wants to speak with me.

(*sinking feeling*)

So I waited....I should mention to those who do not actually know me...that I do not like for others to have the upper hand against me. I like to be on an even keel with people. Live and let stomping on others.

Anyway, I was feeling a heel about to come down on my head.

So it was apparently my turn as she looked over at me. I walked over to her..she on her tall on the ground. I looked up...which is NOT usual for me and

she smiled!

"I read your note. He does have difficulty writing but we can work with him. I'll send home a paper each week to all the parents to let them know what we are working on and what to do at home. We'll just work with him and he'll come right along. I would like to have the Dolch Sight Words if they are still available. We could use those for sure."

I just...I just smiled and laughed and chatted and .... and...

SHE LIKED ME!! YAY! She isn't all that bad and she understood and she was so nice and just the nicest, professional woman to ever teach the second grade. What a great moment.

*big sigh..happy thoughts...walking my child home from school...talking and then...BEEP BEEP...*

Who should it be but the teacher's helper waving and saying bye bye as she rolled past us.

Ahhh the sweet, sweet feeling of acceptance.


~equivocated~ said...

About three weeks ago, you left a comment at

And ever since then, I've meaning to check out your blog! But my oh my, it's been a good three weeks since that resolute wish.

Nevertheless, here I am =) and I must say, I really like reading it. What gets to me is how involved you are in your kids lives and how fairy-tale-ish it is for you to end up marrying your best friend (it's the kinda thing I'd love for myself =P).

Oh but you know what this page lacks?

A picture of those brownies your kids' friends are lucky enough to smell =P

I'm linking you to mine and I shall henceforth, visit regularly. Hee.

And yes, acceptance really is a sweet sweet feeling. *grins*

The Story Of Us........ said...

Why thank you so much.

I saw the Weasley twin actor from the Harry Potter movies on your site and had to drop by to read.

Excellent actors, they are... He'll have a ball with the dying scene in the last movie. LOL

~equivocated~ said...

I KNOW! They do it real well and are my FAVOURITE characters in the series. I even wrote a fan fic once, my own version of how they'd probably have found the marauders map. Hee. Making jokes even in the most perilous of times!

And his death was so sudden! It left me honestly, astounded. Such a lovable character, gone just like that. A major part of me was feeling sorry for George, really =( imagine having your twin gone. Especially when he was always such an integral part of your life *cries*

Heh. Don't mind me, ardent harry potter fan XD

Anonymous said...

Just have to know, is Vinze still in public school? What is it he likes about it if so? I can imagine my oldest when he wanted to go to high school and his need to be with LOTS of people all the time as he is the most outgoing and friendly people-person I have ever met, could it be that he needs people more than most too?

My two youngest went to Kinder and First grade before we decided that it wasn't in their best interest to stay in the public school mode.


Hi Anonymous,

The short version is that Vinze got "sick" 5 times in 2 weeks and had to be sent home. By the third time I was telling the secretary that he was faking and she was still telling me to come and get him just in case. LOL

He thought school would be like the back to school commercials where everybody was dancing through the halls and making friends but the opposite was true.

By the fifth time that he "got sick" my friend, who is the principal, said, "Shelly, honestly it's obvious he doesn't want to be here." I knew what she meant by that because she is my "principal" friend who told me that she would homeschool if she had it to do over again. So, Brian and I decided to bring him back home during Christmas break.

Vinze has been a wonderful homeschooled student ever since. He went from being a challenge to teach to being a blessing to teach. He's amazing. He's loving his gymnastics classes, tries to challenge Brise (age 11) in math and is always telling kids NOT to go to public school! ROFL

When he got a taste of hanging out in the same 4 walls day after day, 7 hours a day he really took to homeschooling where we go on LOTS of field trips and family outings. In the end he realized that good ol' mom was really doing what he needed for his life instead of being "mean."

The experience was a blessing through and through. :o)